Friday, December 29, 2017

Emirates Airlines Gifts

So we all know there’s many airline company’s out there.
Well there’s one that also have gifts you can buy for your self or a loved one, they have everything from a journal to jot your thoughts down there’s also apparel from sweat pants to jackets and even things for your jewelry and stuff for the gym buffs.
I got to check out one of the items a wallet 
It comes in two colors a red one and a blue one.

It comes packaged in a nice box and all you need to do is add a bow and gift it.
I love the leather of the wallet it’s nice and smooth, it has lots of room inside for credit cards and your cash and a middle compartment for your coins.

It’s easy to put a card in the slot and it’s also easy to remove it. So next time you are looking for a nice gift you should check out Emirates Store website and find all your gift needs..

I was sent product for my honest opinions
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Monday, December 25, 2017

Welcome A Cure mat

So there’s a company called Carpet One Floor and Home, they put out welcome mats that support Breast Cancer Research.
It cost 24.99 each and when you make a purchase, 25 percent of the proceeds directly support the five-star rated Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Which is not bad at all the company reached almost 1 million in sales already from the purchase of the mats. There are 18 different designs in the collection and they have something for everyone.

The mat blends nicely in my living room I like it inside I love looking at
The design and makes me happy I’m sad times..

The one I got to check out is this lovely pink hello gorgeous mat. Which can brighten anyone’s day, it sure helped me with my moms passing in Sept of 2017 she died of a brain tumor, and by looking at this mat helped me get through it. I love the cause behind the mats it represents more then a mat. A good cause behind it. I love when company’s do something for a good cause. It shows where my money is going to.

You can find more on Carpet one website to find all your flooring needs.

I was sent product for my honest opinions 
All is my own..

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Super wings transformers

So the super wings crew is back there here better then ever.
They now transform so there are super wing individual characters that are good for putting in to kids stockings, they transform from plane to figure.

There are different characters to choose from they make great gifts to give out.
My child loves watching super wings, there are also transformer sets like the super wings take off tower and the super wings super robot suit which you can attach the smaller character to the suit and make it one awesome toy.

The other toy is transformer toy turn into an airport like take off center so you can keep on adding other super wings toys to it, these toys make a great gift which I know some little boys that are gonna be very happy in the coming days, to see the excitement when the show they watch on TV, they can now play with them..

You can find it on Alpha toys website and also on Toysrus website there great toys that make great gifts for any child.

I was sent products for my honest opinion all is my own..

Thursday, December 7, 2017

dbest laundry cart

So we all have clothes we need to wash and sometimes it can pile up, weather you have washing machines in your home or have to go to a laundry facilities.
Carrying a lot of dirty clothes can be a hassle, well I have a product that will help you out a lot.

It is called the laundry trolley dolly
It is a dolly that has a big heavy duty bag that connects to the Dolley, it is easy to set up.
Very light weight easy to pull, how it helps you is you attach the bag to the Dolley and put your dirty clothes inside, it comes with a liner which you can wash.
It helps bring your dirty clothes to the washing machines.

As you can see it holds a lot of clothing and some towels and throw blankets.
The bag is very strong it holds a lot and it doesn’t feel heavy to push around..
I love it it has helped me carry my dirty laundry, since I have a bad back.
So this cart has helped me, and as an added bonus the Dolley can be used without the laundry bag to carry heavier items like a case of water or a box of items. So it’s like getting two items for the price of one.

I know when I used the Dolley it has helped me carry a box of toys upstairs without our a hitch...
The Dolley is very sturdy it is built very well it has well made wheels, and it also folds up to put away and doesn’t take up space.

You can find more products from dbest Website they have all different kinds of products for your everyday needs.

 This is my own opinions I was sent product for review.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Drone Forces

So we all know the holidays are coming and where trying to find the hottest toys for our kids,
Well I have something that is for the boys age 6+ and up.
We all know drones are a popular with the older kids, and so the younger ones want in on the fun also.
Since drones can be very expensive for young kids to play with I have tried out some that are perfect for the younger ones to play with.
One is called stinger
it is a small drone that has alien drone technology.

It has an exoskeleton cage for safe flying it in doors. So it doesn’t cause damage to the inside of the house.

My child loves playing with it he is still learning how to fly it. He now can play with the older kids when they fly there drone because he has his own now.
Even the bigger kids like playing with the drone, so it brings the family together.

It retails for 24.99 on the website.

As you can see he is playing with it indoors so when it gets nicer out we will have him fly it outdoors.

You can find it on Toysrus Website if your kids love insects and things that fly then this drone is for you..

The next one I tried out is called Morph Zilla 

This drone is awesome because you can drive it on the floor in ape mode and then change and fly it in the air in drone mode.
It’s like having two toys in one, do stunts and fly in the air and or morphs easy so going from ground to air is no problem.

My kids love the drones the older and younger ones were playing together with the toys and it was fun to see them all get along.

This one retails for 79.99 on the website.

I love the fact it is made for indoors and outdoors because when it gets cold outside they can’t go fly it outside.

Again this is for 6+ and up.

You can find this at Toysrus website. So go check it out if you looking for a cool toy.

I was sent products for review all is my own honest opinions