Friday, July 20, 2012

The Many Uses of Ivory

I recived a bar of ivory soap from influenster and i use it for body cleanser i like the fresh feeling and clean smell to it ive used it when i was a kid and as i am an adult i still use ivory soap. it works great it leaves my skin nice and soft and smells great to nuthing can compare to ivory soap i buy it in bulk the 10 pack. i cant go any where without having ivory soap. i aslo recommend it for doing laundry to so i can take a shower and do clothes with the same soap so i can smell nice and fresh and its portable if i travel so no messy spills if i need to do the wash. ivorys values is very good for the price it works well.

Quaker Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookies

I was given the chance to test the cookie from influenster i got to say the cookie was awesome it was nice and soft and chewy its made from whole grain oats, there Individually packaged they Provides a good source of fiber and Contains 6 grams of total fat per serving. you can buy them at you local store and they come in many varietys i recived oatmeal rasin which was very good. its a good on the go snack to take with you. kids love it adults love it its a favorite with everyone.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

momvoxbox 2012

ok today im reviewing my momvox box i recived from there a great company, to join they have so many programs going each month or every other month its all geared towards badges you earn by unlocking them. on there website. you go to the website and sign up and make a profile and start unlocking badges, well today i recived my first box its called the mom voxbox 2012 it comes with samples to try out now the first item im gonna talk about is the stash super fruits tea its a sampler box it comes with 6 diffrent kinds of tea and it comes with 18 tea bags it retails for 3.50 a box. so i also recived a sweetner to add to the tea its called nektar its a honey crystal sweetner so i got that to add to the tea or anything i want make sweetner i used one packet already i gotta say its wonderful i never had it before so it was very good. the next item i recived is a bar of ivory soap that retails for 4.27 for a pack of 10 and i love ivory soap it smells great and lovely nice clean feeling. the next item is the impress nails i found that to be a neat idea no mess no hard time and one person can do it i know i did once i got it i love i recived the voilet rope color they retail for 5.99 to 7.99 so good job to the company for making them. next up is dentek floss for adults they work wonders i love them i used mine there nice and portable and they get the food out. they retail for 2.99 for a full pack and the fun flossers are the same just for kids. well this concludes my review of my goodies i loved everything i got i cant wait to get more boxes in the future.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

klutchclub review

I got to review a box from a company that does subscription services and i got to say they were wonderful they provided me with a box to review and i got to say i was impress with it. they provided me with good service they were also very friendly they shipped on time the package was nicely looking. the cost of the subscrition for one month is 18.00 and for three months its 17.00 dollars a month, and lastly for a year its 16.00 dollars a box. which is not bad it gives you variety. so if your looking for a subscription of stuff for healthy stuff and beauty products and natural stuff then this is for you this company is based on being as healthy as possible by offering discounts to places to do yoga and earth friendly products thats good for the earth. they give you discounts to help business that also promote healthy living like yoga clothing and earth friendly bags to do your shopping to help reduce palstic bags and such. i recommend klutchclub to all my friends and family you can check out them here. so if your a person who likes to keep a healthy lifestyle then klutchklub is for you to try because there very big on being very active on the health scene and provide you with nuthing but the best products for your money. they are a green company they use recycleable products to send the products to you they like to be resourceful when picking the right products for the customers to try out.