Tuesday, March 13, 2012

i want dino lingo spanish in the st george library

I nominate the st george library in staten island because they help the people have have compter classes book drives and they have english classes
Flor the spanish speaking community. They help the coummunity with anything they can do they have a teen center and a childrens
Room besides an adult center they have it all I think the spanish lingo would help them a lot. For the kids it would keep kids reading
More and off the streets.
And help them do well in school.

science hill review

I wanna say that the cat food is a good product because it provides no hormones
Only the best for the pet and it comes in grain fed or regular I picked grain fed my cat loved it.
It keeps her heathly it has meats and veggies and no by product love it for my cat.
I recommed it for my friends and family. I like to thank bzzagent for letting me in to this