Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bad Mom Christmas

So I know I love comedy movies and I bet a lot of people do to.
So we all know that bad moms came out in 2016, it’s a really funny movie I loved it it’s not meant for children but adults will enjoy it. Well now there is a sequel called Bad Moms Christmas and it’s just as funny as the first one.

So this is a blue-ray combo it comes with a blue-ray DVD and a regular DVD for non blue-ray DVD players. And a nice bonus a digital copy you can download to a tablet or smart phone so that is awesome I gathered some friends for a girls movie night and we all had a good time. So in this movie the three moms do Christmas and there mother’s come to visit so they get into so crazy fun. 

We all enjoyed the movie and it makes a great gift for any one looking to have a good time and laugh.
You can get it at 
Target website and you can have your own movie night.
I was sent product for review all is my own honest opinions.

Accell power squid

So we all have many electronic devices like smart phones and laptops and tablets and much more, well we need to charge them to make them work but the problem is we don’t have enough outlets in our home to use all of  our devices. Well I have a solution for that it’s called Accell Power Squid Outlet Multiplier.
What is so cool about it is like regular surge protectors there is 6 outlets, but what is the problem is some device wall adapters are like little black boxes and you can only use one or two and the rest of the outlets are being blocked by the adapter. So with the power squid it has 5 outlets that come down and each one can be used for drift rent devices so you can charge each device.

As you can see right now I’m charging my phone and I have more outlets for other devices. I do have a laptop and a tablet so it’s nice to be able to charge multiple devices at once. 
So now you don’t ever have to worry about not being able to charge another device when the wall outlets are being used.

It’s easy to take with you when your traveling and it’s also easy to use there’s a power button on top to turn it on and then all you need to do is plug your device and let it charge. You can find it on 
Accell  website and it retails for 24.99 dollars.

i was sent product for review all is my honest opinion