Thursday, March 21, 2019

Hard Candy Cosmetics

So I know when I was a teenager like most of us at the time remember seeing at Sephora Nail polishes with a big plastic ring attached to the top of the nail polish From the brand Hard Candy they had colorful colors.
I've owned a few, well the brand is still around with other cosmetics from eyeshadow palettes to face and eye primers to lip gloss and eye liners.

I put this on it's a lip gloss lip plumper. It is really pink, which I though was gonna be super bold on the lips. I was pleasantly surprised that it went on nice it was just enough pink to use for day time looks.

As you can see it gives just enough color and shine without going to bold.
I look at I was like oh wow it's pink but it changed my mind on the color and the way it looks.

So the eyeshadow primer works wonders it's a nude shade, it helps keeps the eyeshadow stay put.

So you can see the shade a little goes along away. It is easy to blend on the eyelids
And when I added the eyeshadow it went on easy.
I forgot that I put on eyeshadow and I rubbed my eye and no shadow came off it's the power of the primer.

So you can see on my right eye I applied the eye primer and then I added the shadow there's some simmer to the shadow, so you can wear it day or night how ever you like.

You can find it on Hardcandy website and also you can find more goodies on the website.
Also you can find it at Walmart in-store and online. There's a wide variety of products from Hardcandy cosmetics.

So you can see the goodies I got to play around with I applied the purple eyeliner which is better suited for the darker shades for a smokey eye look. Otherwise it went on easy. The face primer doesn't clog your skin it is even good for sensitive skin.
The shadows are neutral tone but you can do a smokey night time look.

I was sent products for review all my own opinions are my own.