Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Munk Pack

So January is national oatmeal month who loves oatmeal, I like oatmeal that’s to go I can’t eat it in a bowl.

So there’s a company that makes ready to eat oatmeal pouches. The company behind it is called Munk Pack they make ready to eat oatmeal fruit squeeze pouches. They come In different flavors, they taste great.
There’s Apple cinnamon there’s vanilla and maple and there’s blueberry and raspberry flavors. There certified gluten free non-GMO
Certified vegan and high in fiber.

There very tasty and they are easy to take with you on the go so you can have a good breakfast or snack wherever you go.
It gives you energy to keep up with your day. So your not craving junk food.
There’s many different flavors to choose from I know I love taking it with me on the go.

As you can see I enjoyed it and it taste great and I know I’m having a great snack or breakfast and not craving unwanted snacks.

You can purchase or find other products from the   Munkpack

I was sent product for review all is my own honest

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dentek 30 day Family Floss Challenge

So we all know flossing is a good oral hygiene habit, it helps remove food particles and plaque on your teeth.

More then 50% of kids weren’t shown how to floss or do it properly, so now is the time to show our kids to floss after brushing there teeth.

So adults and kids need to floss so Dentek has come to a fun way to make sure people understand and to keep flossing by having a 30 day floss challenge, where you have a chance to win some cool prizes. Like movie tickets and gift cards, with one grand prize of 2,500 dollars.

So to enter you need to print out a digital calendar and take a selfie of your flossed teeth and post it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and tag it with @Dentek #FamilyFlossChallenge – for a chance to win amazing prizes!
So if you want to do the challenge go enter.

You can get all the rules and information on Dentek website and enter the challenge.

As you can see they have floss made for adults and children.
The kids floss is smaller and made for there mouth where as the adults is made bigger to fit adults mouth and in between the teeth.

I was sent products.
All is my own and honest.