Friday, March 29, 2019

Welch's Easter Fruit Snacks

So Easter is coming soon and we go out to get Easter treats for our kids Easter Basket.

Well I know everyone loves fruit snacks, there tasty and pack with vitamin C.
They make for a great snack anytime as there easy to grab since there are packed in pouches, so there easy to grab.

Well Welch's done it again with there limited edition Easter Fruit Snacks.

So you can see the fruit snacks are shaped into Easter shapes a bunny an Easter egg and flower.

There mixed fruit and packed with vitamin c.
There better then giving alot of sugary candy for Easter.
But they also make a great snack easy to grab a packet and off you go.

You can find them at Target and Amazon website.

Makes a great Easter treat.

I was sent product for review my opinions are my own..

Thursday, March 28, 2019


So I love to keep my teeth In tip top shape, by going to the dentist and or brushing my teeth and mouth wash and flossing.

Well there's toothpaste that has not so great ingredients in them, and being a diabetic I got it protect my teeth so they don't get bad.

Well there's a brand called Oxyfresh,
They have toothpaste mouth wash a tongue scraper to make sure you remove the bad germs. Which can cause bad breathe and other nasty things.

 So here is one flavor variation mint flavor there's a toothpaste and your tongue scrapper and a dental gel where if your gums are sore you can use some to help with the pain, until you go to the dentist. So the toothpaste it's great it helps protect your teeth from Cavities. And then you can use the mouthwash to keep the germs away and freshens your breathe at the same time.
Here is another variation in lemon mint. So you get a burst of mint flavor with a lemon twist. So it comes in a toothpaste and mouth wash to keep your teeth in tip top shape and it has good ingredients in the products so you know what your using.

The tongue scrapper is great to remove the bad odor because what odors from what we eat lingering on our tongue so using the tongue scrapper you can remove that nasty germs. And have fresh breathe.

So there are kits you can get or buy anything products from Oxyfresh website and you can also do subscription and have them delivered to your house when your running low.

Nothing beats a fresh mouth..

I was sent products for review all my opinions are my own..

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Hard Candy Cosmetics

So I know when I was a teenager like most of us at the time remember seeing at Sephora Nail polishes with a big plastic ring attached to the top of the nail polish From the brand Hard Candy they had colorful colors.
I've owned a few, well the brand is still around with other cosmetics from eyeshadow palettes to face and eye primers to lip gloss and eye liners.

I put this on it's a lip gloss lip plumper. It is really pink, which I though was gonna be super bold on the lips. I was pleasantly surprised that it went on nice it was just enough pink to use for day time looks.

As you can see it gives just enough color and shine without going to bold.
I look at I was like oh wow it's pink but it changed my mind on the color and the way it looks.

So the eyeshadow primer works wonders it's a nude shade, it helps keeps the eyeshadow stay put.

So you can see the shade a little goes along away. It is easy to blend on the eyelids
And when I added the eyeshadow it went on easy.
I forgot that I put on eyeshadow and I rubbed my eye and no shadow came off it's the power of the primer.

So you can see on my right eye I applied the eye primer and then I added the shadow there's some simmer to the shadow, so you can wear it day or night how ever you like.

You can find it on Hardcandy website and also you can find more goodies on the website.
Also you can find it at Walmart in-store and online. There's a wide variety of products from Hardcandy cosmetics.

So you can see the goodies I got to play around with I applied the purple eyeliner which is better suited for the darker shades for a smokey eye look. Otherwise it went on easy. The face primer doesn't clog your skin it is even good for sensitive skin.
The shadows are neutral tone but you can do a smokey night time look.

I was sent products for review all my own opinions are my own.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Burt's Bees

So we all know Burt's Bees from there signature yellow tube of lip balm, well they expanded past that with cosmetics from foundation to blush to lipsticks to liquid lipsticks, to lip scrubs.

I've been using there lip balm since I was younger.

So here is some of there products all setup in my organizer, there you can lip products and face products.
From foundation to lip and cheek product, even a bronzer stick .
To powder foundation and lip balm and of course you cannot forget the lip scrub. 

Here I'm wearing the lip and cheek on my cheeks and lips, what I like about it is when I applied it on my cheek I though I added to much well I was wrong it is easy to blend in the skin. It's in the shade Peach pond it is a duel product lip and cheek blush stick with a hydrate center made with coconut oil.

So it gives you a nice touch of glow with out going over board. 

Also I added to my lips is there liquid lipstick in shade Sandy Seas it comes in different shades and leaves your lips hydrated with a glossy finish. 
It doesn't dry out your lips.

I was sent products for review on the blog. Organizer was purchased by me with my own money. all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

BrainTap Pro

I know I can get stressed out lately for different things and I try and not show it to others around me I always tend to keep everything in.

Well I tried this app called  BrainTap  what's cool is it has different bundles which you purchase every month, it has different bundles for different things like sleeping better or optimal health.

The have worry free me and one for children also what I like about it is it helps me destress anywhere I don't need to be home if I'm out I can pop in headphones and listen to a quick calming audio. I've listened to it while trying to go to sleep. 

There is something for everyone. Someone dealing with stress and or weight. It's there to help you relax and get into tune and release some stress and anxiety. 

It's peaceful to listen to and it can help you fall asleep I think it's because the voices and or music is soothing and gentle. 

And when you download the app you get the getting started bundle for free so you can try it out and see how you like it. 

You can find it on Android and it's on iOS so no one's left out. 

I was given the opportunity to try this app out for review all opinions are my own..

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Chewy Influencer February 2019

 I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review all is my own opinion.

So our pet's love to play with toys and they also need to have good health, especially there teeth so there's a product that covers both it's from the brand nylabone duraChew dental chew dino toy..

There's action nubs that help keep the teeth clean and it does it in a fun way.

There shaped like a dinosaur comes in larger size for bigger breeds and a smaller for small breeds.
It has a chicken flavor that last until the toy is worn out. It keeps them happy and busy while it cleans the teeth.

There's different dinosaur shape that will come at random for a nice surprise..

You can find it at Chewy website for all your pet needs. They have got you covered.

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review all is my own opinion.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Chewy Influencer January 2019

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review all is my own opinions.

So having pets is great especially dogs puppy's but one thing we don't like is pet odor that gets left behind. I have a product I got to try it is called Nature Miracle Advance Dog Stain and Odor remover.

It has a fresh to it to keep your house smelling fresh.
It has an enzyme that tackles severe dog messes.

I love my pet but when it comes to odors that's another issue. 

It is safe for carpet hardwood floor and furniture and fabric.  
As long as it was used as directed. 

It's great to have something to tackle messes that is safe around pets and children. There's two sizes 32oz and a 64 oz which you can use a refill to fill the spray bottle. 

My home smells great and my do can be happy.
  You can find it on Chewy website where you can find all your pet needs from dog to birds they have you covered. 

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review all is my own opinions.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Mochi Ice Cream in a Pint

So I love Ice Cream I can eat it any season we have, summer fall winter and spring.
So I got to try an ice cream that is a little different but it's tasty.
It's called mochi ice cream,

So what makes this ice cream different is the ice cream is wrapped with a rice dough. And it's hand held so you can hold it and eat it.

This is what it originally looks like

so that's what it originally looks like well now there's a new version of the popular ice cream they reversed it and put ice cream in a pint with the mochi cut in to pieces and mixed on the ice cream.

I tried the strawberry and chocolate flavors.

So the first one I tried is the strawberry one oh my did it taste good. So with the mochi now placed in the ice cream it gives the Ice cream a nice texture beside having plain ole ice cream.

I love it I can now get it in pints, I love ice cream I can eat it any time or season.

The second was the chocolate flavor it was good. I can grab it and go watch a movie or just sit and enjoy. 

You can find it on Mymomochi website for a list of retailers and there are five great flavors to choose from in the pints.

I was sent product for review all opinions are my own