Saturday, July 28, 2018

Back to School with Momtrends Event

So I was invited to the ever so popular back to school event with Momtrends, it was a fun night where other fellow bloggers mingled and checked out some cool brands.

From snacks to clothing to supplies and even so electronics like a printer that doesn't need ink cartridges.

One of the brands was Jarlsberg cheese oh how I love cheese, it originated from Jarlsberg Norway no wonder why I love it I'm part Norwegian on my mother's side.
It resembles Swiss cheese. But has a different taste. This one though surprised me everyone loves a good grilled cheese one it's easy to make and taste great but what was added to it I wouldn't have thought to add it to a grilled cheese like apricot jam. My favorite one thought was adding Dulce DE leche oh my it made it even tastier.

Another brand was from Natalie's they make juices like orange juice and blood orange juice and even strawberry lemonade there's other flavors. The strawberry lemonade was tasty. Even the orange juice. There is easy to read ingredients one ingredient or two depends on the juice.

I loved the flavors I'm definitely gonna get more.

Another brand I got to check out was Mabel's labels they always have such cute stuff. They make customized labels so you can label your kids school supplies or anything they need to bring with them.

Also Stonyfield yogurts was there showcasing a new product it's a package containing yogurt on one side and a snack on the other they had strawberry yogurt and Graham crackers and a chocolate yogurt with pretzels on the other side. They make great snacks.

they taste great and go great with each other.

Another brand I love technology so it's nice to see them there is Epson they make awesome printers where you don't need an ink cartridge to print. You just purchase a bottle and refill the printer so much easier and you can print anything your heart desires.

As you can see there was labels on kids lunch bag and you can even print business cards. So awesome. So I even got my hair done.

It was to get an up do since it was humid outside.

There was clothing from Tea Collection they make some cute clothing. For boys and girls and babies. Also another clothing brand is Snapperrock they make clothing to protect you from the sun rays because you don't want to burn in the sun it's all about sun safety and they make awesome clothing. Some of the blogger kids did a fashion show showcasing some of the clothing.
Also can't forget about school supplies which Avery

 Had you covered with there cute designs.

I was invited and given a goodies bag. All is my honest opinion.

Welch's Fruit Snack Superfruit Mix

So we all love snacks and candy even though some snacks are not that great for us.
Well there's one snack that has been around for awhile now, it's called Welch's Fruit Snack Super fruit Mix. What makes these different is now it comes in Super fruit Mix with flavors like
  • Pomegranate-Passionfruit
  • Starfruit-Kiwi
  • Dragonfruit-Blackberry
  • A├žai-Blueberry
  • Goji–Apricot
There really tasty and it makes for a better snack to give to your kids and or family or if your craving something sweet but don't want all that bad stuff then this is a great choice.

The main key ingredients are 
  • Made with REAL Fruit
  • Fruit is Our First Ingredient
  • Gluten-Free
  • Colors from Natural Sources
  • Fat-Free              
  • No Preservatives                                   

I love the taste of the fruit snacks and me being a diabetic type 2 I can still enjoy something sweet without making my sugar get so high.
What's new is the added of super fruit mixed in.
Welch's is all about the highest quality fruit, which is grown on family farms.
So the super fruit gives the snacks a burst of flavor that everyone will love.

You can purchase them anywhere you get your fruit snacks like your local grocery stores to even Target and more.
You can find more information on Welch's website and check out all the other Welch's fruit snacks.

All opinions are my own I was sent product for review. And is my own.