Sunday, December 11, 2022

Stranger Sings Musical

 So I love stranger things great show well now there is a musical based on stranger things called stranger Sings a parody.

This is the Cast I love there to take on the Netflix series. it is playing now until January 1st, 2023.
It makes for a fun family event.

The room was set like the hit show. Caroline Huerta was funny she played the mother of will who was a puppet. Each character was great in each scene. There were laughs and a fun time. It was a great show it was upbeat and all the different costumes. Especially the 

Demogorgon danced to Michael Jackson's thriller. It makes for a fun time. You can get tickets on their website Stranger Sings

I was provided tickets to check out the show.

all is my own opinion.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Once Upon a Book Club

 So sometimes reading a book can be fun or sometimes feel overwhelming. Well, there's a company that wants to change that it's Called Once Upon a Book Club, it's a book subscription where you get a new book each month plus 3-4 unique gifts that are random to certain pages that help bring the book to life.

So as you can see the gifts are included in the Darling Girl Box for Adults.

It comes with a note and an autograph bookplate. The gifts represent the book from the bell to the seeds to the book night light and edible fairy dust. Love that there's something for everyone to bring reading back and enjoyable time.

You also can buy a single box so if there's a box that interests you or for your young adult you can also get it and also purchase a past box gift items from other boxes.

You can find them on their website Once Upon a Book Club you can send them as a gift or subscribe your self it's a neat concept to make reading fun. 

I was sent a product for my honest review and all is my own opinion.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Rhinoshield Grip Max and Case

 So I love technology, especially trying new gadgets and accessories so I have the Samsung S22 ultra.

It's a 6.7-inch phone well I love to stream video content so I need to prop up my phone so I don't have to hold it. Well, Rhinoshield has got you covered with their accessories,  like their cases and their Grip Max accessories which you stick on the back of your case and allow you to hold it securely when taking selfies and also double as a phone stand so you can prop it up and watch content easier and your not getting tired holding it in your hand.

These are two sizes one is a smaller one for smaller-sized phones and a grip max for larger phones which is a bigger size for bigger-sized phones.

What makes them unique is you can customize them to your liking like different collaborations and or adding text to them I have a peanuts one which is the famous Snoopy ready for bed. 

There's endless opportunity to make it to your liking and even if their cases are custom you can add any design to the back of your case. 

As you can see the design on this case and Grip Max I have a floral one and a peanuts one.

I have a solid black case with a custom grip max so I can change up my style. The case does protect the phone well because I've dropped my phone a couple of times in my house and the phone is fine. 

Love the many ways to my my phone and accessories my own and don't need to look like everyone else. You can get these and others where you can customize them to your liking on there Website Rhinoshield you can find everything you need to make your phone stand out.

I was sent product for review all is my own opinions.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Liberation Nail polish

 So everyone loves color and being creative sometimes can be hard. From what to wear and what music to listen to, even when you color your nails. Well, Liberation Nails got you covered with their bright bold colors for Adults and Kids. 

There are two lines one called Liberation Nails for Adults and one called Libbi Kids Nails made for kids. 

So kids can match their Friends and or their family. I tried a teal color called future surf.

It's a nice teal color it was easy to apply especially since I have small nails as I'm a nail bitter. But it was easy to get the polish on without making a big mess. Love the texture of the polish it was just right it wasn't too thin. It was easy to work with, it dries quickly and has the glossy look. 

It's a luxe Gel like nail color.

And there affordable at 18 a bottle and they have many different colors. 

You can get these on their website 

Liberation Nails where they have other colors and can also check out their kids' line of colors that come in smaller bottles they also have nail treatments to keep your nails in great condition and who doesn't love a nice treat and have spa night?

I Was sent the product for review all are my own opinion.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Alamo Drafthouse Staten Island

 I love watching movies and I know a lot of people do well we have a new theater here in Staten Island. It's called the Alamo Drafthouse Theater which is not like any other theater on the island.

They do things differently which is a good thing they take it up a notch. One by the movies they play from new and upcoming to old classics. And even something for the kids called Kids Camp.

There are Nine theaters in total 

Theater 1 - 72 Seats, 4 Handicap Seats, Sony 4K Laser Projector

Theater 2 - 70 Seats, 4 Handicap Seats, Sony 4K Laser Projector

Theater 3 - 70 Seats, 4 Handicap Seats, Sony 4K Laser Projector

Theater 4 - 70 Seats, 4 Handicap Seats, Sony 4K Laser Projector

Theater 5 - 195 Seats, 4 Handicap Seats, Sony 4K Laser Projector

Theater 6 - 200 Seats, 4 Handicap Seats, Sony 4K Laser Projector, Dolby Atmos® partner cinema

Theater 7 - 93 Seats, 4 Handicap Seats, Sony 4K Laser Projector, 35mm capability

Theater 8 - 86 Seats, 4 Handicap Seats, Sony 4K Laser Projector

Theater 9 - 37 Seats, 4 Handicap Seats, Sony 4K Laser Projector

These are the layout of 893 reclining seats that are comfortable to be in and all theaters have dine-in service. 

They have sandwiches pa to drinks and cookies. The food comes out hot and ready to eat. 

You Can get tickets to movies and events geared towards movies. With Q&A you can go to Alamo Drafthouse Website where you can find out everything that's playing and more. 

On Saturdays what is called Rza Shaolin Theater showcases classic martial arts Kung fu movies. It's a time to sit back and relax kind of day and enjoy yourself.
everything is down to detail like the menu they even have food and drinks apart from movies that are playing.
Detail is key.

 the grand opening ceremony speech here to well everyone to the theater is an experience at the alamo.

This is where they shine because it's real food cooked for you after you place your order.  I have the beyond burger with fries. There are vegan options and a whole lot of different kinds of drinks it's a great experience when the only time you need to get up is to go to the bathroom. To make it easy to order you get the same server throughout the movie so you're not dealing with different people when you want to order you write down what you want and press a button and they will come to your table. 
This is at the bar section the design everything is down to detail. 
Everything comes down to looks and details.
Like posters of classics on the wall and looking back

More artwork hanging in the bar section it's a movie theater restaurant and museum and you can also get exclusive merch only at the alamo.

I Was invited to the Grand Opening of the Staten island Alamo Drafthouse it is an experience
Not like any other movie theater. 

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Drunk Log Book 1

 You know when you're trying to find something interesting to read, it takes a lot to figure out my interests I have this book called Drunk Log, it is Book 1 of a day in the life series 

It's about a guy named Jack to fill his journal and plans to take his own life. And the journal is known as the drunk log. It's a dark humorous deeply introspective exploration of a man's attempt to find peace. 

It does make you think and see what someone goes through to see why they want to unalive themselves. 

It's not easy to understand what someone goes through in their own life. It has funny situations and a budding romance. And more 

This book will go into book two called First date a day in the life series following jack and aria they 

Crash in the deep cold river and they are deeply attracted to each other, it follows them on their journey.
It's a good book if you're into a perspective view into someone's life.
You can find more about the author Mark Scott on his Mark Scott website.

I was sent a book for my review all are my own opinions.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Microsoft Surface laptop go

 So tech is fun and can be frustrating at the same time. So I use the ios and android platforms on my smartphone. And one thing we all want is to streamline performance.

Between devices especially if my main smartphone isn't an Apple device. 

That's why I love the surface line of laptops I don't have that issue. Both devices work great I connect the USB C cable to the laptop and the phone. And I can send photos and videos without a hitch. Thanks to the link to windows feature that allows me to send over the files nothing to download nothing too complicated. 

And works with Android and iOS platforms so if I use the cinematic video on my iPhone I can send the video over. 

I love how light it is to carry and its screen is clear it charges quickly and thanks to the USB C port I can charge the smartphone easily and fast. 

So as you can see the laptop on the bottom is the first generation surface laptop it came out in 2017 during the Microsoft education event in NYC. The laptop runs windows 10 pro. I took it out of Smode because I wanted the full windows experience. The first gen laptop shipped with mode out of the box as a way for students to be protected from viruses and unwanted software. You would
 only be able to download software from the windows AppStore. 

What I loved about the first gen is the material on the keyboard it isn't something you find on laptops it's called 
Alcantara a luxury material sourced from Italy has a velvety feel to it on mine it held up well, especially because it's a light grey color. It has a smooth feel to it. 
And now I am using the surface laptop to go in an ice blue color that matches my mouse. 

This one is a little smaller and lighter but it is running windows 11 home edition and it uses a fingerprint to unlock the laptop so there are some different features from the first gen laptop to this one. Which I love a lot because it has fast charging the charger brick is smaller but charges the laptop quick. And there's a USB C port for using with other devices like my smartphones. 

I love the upgrades and the simplicity that I can use my iPhone device and my galaxy smartphone and don't need to have another laptop for my iPhone. 

You can find the surface laptop go and other laptops from Microsoft website and find accessories to match. 

Friday, March 11, 2022

Blade Butler

 So I know when you have a ceiling fan in your home cleaning it can be a challenge from all the dust it collects.

Climbing on chairs can be dangerous because you can fall if you're not balanced on them.

Blade Butler has got you covered so you don't need to climb on chairs to clean the blades.

So you can see my fan it's located in the kitchen so the blade butler helps me keep my blades clean and do it safely.
Because climbing chairs isn't always safe, setting up the blade butler is easy you snap the pole together then unclip the hinge and slide the bag onto the handle.
And lock the hinge and you're ready to go.

You slide the blade in the bag and gently slide it so all the dust goes into the bag and is not on the floor making more of a mess to clean up.

It's easy to use and store when not in use.

Cleaning the ceiling fan is not everyone's favorite thing to clean but having a blade butler will help make things a  lot easier to clean and remove the dust and dirt particles that linger on your fan.

You can get it from the Blade Butler website there's more information and videos and you can purchase your blade butler.

This isn't sponsored but the product was sent for review purposes all is my honest opinion.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Art & Science of Drawing

 So drawing can take skill or talent but in true hindsight, anyone can draw if they want to because drawing a picture means you have different kinds of shapes.

That's what is behind bringing the drawing to life.

This book explains in detail what it takes to draw from what materials to use and how to start a drawing.

It goes into the basics and moves to advance depending on how long you have been drawing.

It gives in detail on materials like what pencils to use and even erasers to use.
Like clay ones and rubber erasers and hr they do and why they need to be used.
This book is a great read which is the drawing handbook to learn to draw who knew shapes make up a drawing.

It gives great detail on how to draw fruit and other objects. This book is for anyone who wants to learn to draw.
You can find it on Rocky Nook
Website to get your copy.

The product was sent for review all is my own opinion.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Liv Bars

 This is for all the people who love snacks and treats but want to be on the healthier side.

Liv Bars have you covered it's a superfood nutrition Bar it's vegan organic it's packed with Coffee Maple Cacao, Raspberry Maca, Blueberry Vanilla, Ginger Lemon Turmeric, and Lemongrass Cherry Matcha.

The biggest thing when it comes to food is having ingredients that you cannot understand and know what they are.

Well, Liv Bars have ingredients that you can understand and say there are no big words.

They are crunchy and chew come in different flavors, if you look at the bar you can see the ingredients that make up the bars.
I love the coffee maple cacao flavor has a nice coffee chocolate taste with a hint of maple.
They make a good grab-and-go snack take on the go.

You can find it on the Livbar website where you can get your bars.

 I was sent the product for review all are my own opinions.