Thursday, August 11, 2022

Drunk Log Book 1

 You know when you're trying to find something interesting to read, it takes a lot to figure out my interests I have this book called Drunk Log, it is Book 1 of a day in the life series 

It's about a guy named Jack to fill his journal and plans to take his own life. And the journal is known as the drunk log. It's a dark humorous deeply introspective exploration of a man's attempt to find peace. 

It does make you think and see what someone goes through to see why they want to unalive themselves. 

It's not easy to understand what someone goes through in their own life. It has funny situations and a budding romance. And more 

This book will go into book two called First date a day in the life series following jack and aria they 

Crash in the deep cold river and they are deeply attracted to each other, it follows them on their journey.
It's a good book if you're into a perspective view into someone's life.
You can find more about the author Mark Scott on his Mark Scott website.

I was sent a book for my review all are my own opinions.