Saturday, September 9, 2017

Readers Glasses Giveaway

So we all know as we get older our eyes tend to get worse as in you can't see the words in books or magazines,
So I know it is hard to relize you need glasses.
For me i have to wear glasses all the time.
I'm also nearsightedness. So i can see things really far.
Well then there are people who only need reading glasses because they cannot see the small print.
We denie we need glasses but when we get them we see why we need them.

So i have special oppurtunitie for all my readers, since i need glasses for everything, I'm letting you guys win a pair of reading glasses.

So go enter down below and goodluck.
You can find many styles from Readers website and look at all the glasses... And accessories and more.

These are some of there best sellers 

This giveaway is sponsored by readers and hosted by debrasworld.
All my opinions are my own..