Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tech talk with Techlicious and consumer Technology Association event

I was invited to attend a lunch and learn event sponsored by Techlicious and consumer Technology Association,
Where we looked at some pretty awesome camera's and other cool tech toys.

We had a nice lunch and also learned some cool picture taking tips to make our photos stand out from the rest.
I love taking pictures from a camera or smart phone.
So what ever device you have you can still use the tips learned..

Here are a few tips to get awesome pictures

1. Have good light source whether it is natural sunlight or
Light in your room that make it like you have natural light.

2. Have a tripod one it helps keep the smart phone or camera steady and doesn't blur or mess the picture up.
 You also want to be at eye level with the object also.

So I got to check out some cool DSLR cameras and point and shoot camera's as well.

These are the dslr camera's these are light weight compare to some DSLR that weight alot more.
They take very good pictures they can do monochrome which is the picture is greyed out except for the color your trying to enhance an example of what monochrome is the two pumpkins in the one picture I took that from my smart phone but you can get an idea what the dslr can do better.

These are the point and shoot camera's they can do alot also and if your looking for a smaller camera then these are the ones to go check out.
They have wifi connectivity to send pictures to your smart phone and you can upload them to your favorite social media.

They have good zoom better then what a smart phone can do.

There all good brands.

Also I got to check out an Epson printer, what is cool is you don't need to always run to the store to buy ink for the cartridge. It last up to 2 years. Which is awesome comes in black and white and color ink.

This one is for consumers so if you need an all in one then this is for you.
It can scan and fax and copy.

So I also got to check out an accessory for smart phones I love shooting with my smart phone because I always have it in my possession, so it's less things I need to carry.
Well one thing happens when your holding your phone and trying to shoot video it tends to get shaky.
You notice it when you replay the video back.

Well there was a product made to stop the shakiness from your smart phone it is called the Steadicam volt it is a smart phone stabilizer.
It is a device you put your phone in and it stops the shaking of the movement when you shoot video.
You have to make sure the stabilizer is balanced before use. Once it's balanced you can now shoot video from your your smart phone and even walk with it.
Once you replay the video you will notice a huge diffrence.

As you can see above this is what comes in the box everything you need to use the stabilizer to make awesome videos.
What's also cool is it is Go Pro compatible and also it is motorized. But if the batteries die and you charge them right away you can still use the stabilizer which is awesome .

You can find more information from the Tiffen website.

No monetary was given but I was invited to attend the event and was given product.
All is my own opinion and is 100% my own.


Saturday, October 7, 2017

TTPM Holiday showcase

So I was invited to attend the TTPM Holiday showcase 2017, so I got to check out some cool new and upcoming toys for the holiday Season.
So I have checked out some toys for girls and boys and even baby's, and we cannot forget our lovely pets there family to.
I got to see some pretty awesome things I'm also gonna show you some of my favorites to.

So one of the hottest toys are squishy toys there slow rising soft toys made to look like foods and other cute characters.
They are a relaxing toy.

We have here JoJo bows and a doll of one of the girls from dance mom JoJo siwa.

There is toys out there for all age groups.

There's toys for boys like these action figures there fun and come with some cool accessories to use with them.

Here's some novelty toys some collectible poo theme toys, for boys and girls it reminds me of the poo emoji..

There's toys for the younger crowd so they can play and learn also love the toys from VTech they make some pretty awesome toys. You can find more cool toys on VTech website VTech kids

You can find more toys on the Discovery toys website what's also good about this brand is they have toys for children and even adults who have a disability to help them function better and learn new things.

You can find the teddy ruxpin on Walmart this brings back memories now kids now can join in on the fun to.

These are some cool toys love the fact teddy ruxpin is back I remember him from when I was a child. We had to put a cassette tape in the back of the toy and he read to us.
Now he's digital and works from an app on a smart phone.
Technology sure has changed.

Over all I had a really good time checking out all the cool stuff.. and I also ran into some YouTube personality, like Sam from Sam and Nia

It was cool to meet Sam and his son Abram.
I also ran into some blogger friends I know.

You can find more information on the website TTPM

I was invited to attend the TTPM Holiday showcase private event.
I was sent home with some toys,
All is my own honest opinion and may differ from everyone else.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September Chewy Influencer 2017

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.


So I love to read books and I know alot of people who love to read.
So did you know Chewy actually has books on pets and or stories about pets, I thought that was a good thing to find.
So I got to check out a book from the chicken for the soul book from there wide variety of stories from there wide arrange of collections.

I love that I can read the book in anyway I want since it is a bunch of short stories.
So I can start in the beginning or the end or even the middle first.
I love my cat so I can read about about other people's cat stories.
Pets are family so to see the happy stories makes my day even when I'm not in a good mood.
As you can see my cat is lounging around.
So the book is awesome it cost 10.27 dollars not bad.
For a good read. You can find the book at your nearest bookstore or chewy website.

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.
It is all my own opinion and may differ from others.

September Chewy influencer 2017

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review


So here we are in September the fall is here,
So time for some cleaning in the house and of course the cat litter box.
As you know the odors from the cat litter box lingers on your house and can make a smell no one wants to smell.
So I got to try the tidy cat odor deodorizer.

It removes the odor that stays behind in the litter box from your cats.
It beats out the baking soda, it doesn't just cover up the odor. I love tidy cat litter and the deodorizer to.

As you can see you don't need to add alot of the product to remove the odor.
Who wants to smell the urine smell, especially when you have clean your house.
It retails on the chewy website for 2.82 dollars which is a good deal.
You can find it on chewy website 

as you can see the litter box started to smell until
I added the deodorizer.

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.
All is my own opinion and may differ from others.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Buxton review

So we woman all love handbags and wallets and leather goods. Well I have a brand that has been around for a very
Long time.

The company is called Buxton there know for there affordable goods, and also there leather goods they have products for woman and men.
From wallets to handbags to small leather goods.
So I got to check out items from the woman's line and the men's line.

So for the men's line I got to try out the Buxton DOPP it is a leather toiletry case it comes in many colors like black and brown, what makes this case so cool is it folds down once you zipper it to close, if there is little items inside but if you need more room it you just pull it up.
It's easy to clean and it's really light weight to carry around.

The color I'm checking out is black.
My boyfriend really loves the case. now he has a case that's all his and doesn't look all girly as he puts it..
So now woman aren't the only people that have cases for there beauty products men can have it also.
As you can see there's alot of room inside and it has a solid bottom to keep things from falling.
You can check it out on the Buxton website Buxton DOPP Veneto men's travel case

Also I got to check out the woman's tech wallet it is your wallet organizer, it has many pockets for all your items like cash IDs credit cards and more. But what's so cool about it is that it has a portable charger pack for your phone, now a days everyone has smartphone or regular cellphone. So we all know that it doesn't last all day but now with the wallet you can have a charged phone thanks to the portable charger that is included with the wallet that is why it is called a tech wallet. thank
It comes in different colors like red,black brown.
You can find this item on the Buxton website Buxton Julia tech wallet

It is very affordable so you can look stylish and not break the bank on woman's accessories.
I was sent products for my honest opinion
All is my own 100% and differs from others.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Lice ultra removal kit review

Well we all know school is here so we try to make sure our kids are healthy and ready for school, but sometimes there's things that get in the way.
For one is lice it is one of the problems we face as parents.
One once your child gets it you need to take steps to get rid of it.
And if it is in the child's hair, you have got to take steps to get rid of the lice.
It can get in kids hair and or go to other places such as your home furniture or anywhere a child goes.
Well I have the perfect solution to help remove lice and get you started on removing lice. It is called Nix Ultra Removal kit.

It has all the product you need to get you started like the solution and comb for the child's hair. And also a product to use on furniture in the house that you think may be in your house.

So you need to follow the instructions as follows because not all the products can be used on humans.
I love the fact there's a kit and you don't have to buy everything separately.. it can cost more doing it that way. You can get it at retailers nationwide ranging from $17.99-24.99 which is a great price for a lice removal kit. I love the kit. You can find more information on the kit on the mix website.
Nix Ultra Removal kit.

  I was sent product for my honest opinions
All are my own 100%

Sunday, September 17, 2017

August Yogi surprised box

So this is for anyone loving subscription boxes, I have one that is for people who love all natural products and that are into yoga lifestyle.

It's called Yogi surprise,what is so cool is it comes in a lifestyle box which is 44.95, and a jewelry box which goes for 24.99.
So the jewelry box comes with two yoga inspired jewelry pieces and a fair trade snack....
Then there's the lifestyle box which comes with 6-8 full size products.
This month..

So the first item is from  Trailer Boutique Peaceful Warrior Pouch it is a very nice Pouch and they help small and medium business build there company. It's nice that they help other business out..

The next item is Headband For Hope 
They have headbands of different colors and styles, so for every Headband sold one is donated to a child with cancer... Love that because a child should feel special no matter if there sick or not..

The next item is from Andalou Naturals a Path of Light
Hand Cream.
It is very moisturizing on the hands, and has a light Clementine scent.
My hands dries out alot so this helps my hands not to crack and cause me to get an infection...
Love that it is all natural and I'm not using harsh ingredients on my hands..
The scent is amazing it is not strong at all.

The next item is a bamboo tooth brush by the brand
Woo Bamboo it is made out of bamboo and has a wavy handle. I love that it is natural and it won't get germs on the handle easy because the handle has a light wax on it to help keep germs off of the handle.

The next item is called This Bar Saves Lives well one because it is non GMO and it's fair trade and kosher, so anyone can enjoy it.
The second thing is for every bar sold food gets donated to children in need... I love it because no one should go hungry.
So the bar is made from almonds and cherries and drizzled with chocolate.. yummy.

The next item is called Justea African chai 
It is just tea, it is really good there is 15 pyramid shaped tea bags.
So you can make the tea and then drink it. It is fair trade and non GMO and kosher also.
So I love the taste and when it is cold it is good to drink..
I love it.
You can sign up at Yogi Surprise
I recommend everyone to sign up it is a great deal..

I was sent a box for my honest opinion all is 
My own.. and may differ from anyone else..