Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tech talk with Techlicious and consumer Technology Association event

I was invited to attend a lunch and learn event sponsored by Techlicious and consumer Technology Association,
Where we looked at some pretty awesome camera's and other cool tech toys.

We had a nice lunch and also learned some cool picture taking tips to make our photos stand out from the rest.
I love taking pictures from a camera or smart phone.
So what ever device you have you can still use the tips learned..

Here are a few tips to get awesome pictures

1. Have good light source whether it is natural sunlight or
Light in your room that make it like you have natural light.

2. Have a tripod one it helps keep the smart phone or camera steady and doesn't blur or mess the picture up.
 You also want to be at eye level with the object also.

So I got to check out some cool DSLR cameras and point and shoot camera's as well.

These are the dslr camera's these are light weight compare to some DSLR that weight alot more.
They take very good pictures they can do monochrome which is the picture is greyed out except for the color your trying to enhance an example of what monochrome is the two pumpkins in the one picture I took that from my smart phone but you can get an idea what the dslr can do better.

These are the point and shoot camera's they can do alot also and if your looking for a smaller camera then these are the ones to go check out.
They have wifi connectivity to send pictures to your smart phone and you can upload them to your favorite social media.

They have good zoom better then what a smart phone can do.

There all good brands.

Also I got to check out an Epson printer, what is cool is you don't need to always run to the store to buy ink for the cartridge. It last up to 2 years. Which is awesome comes in black and white and color ink.

This one is for consumers so if you need an all in one then this is for you.
It can scan and fax and copy.

So I also got to check out an accessory for smart phones I love shooting with my smart phone because I always have it in my possession, so it's less things I need to carry.
Well one thing happens when your holding your phone and trying to shoot video it tends to get shaky.
You notice it when you replay the video back.

Well there was a product made to stop the shakiness from your smart phone it is called the Steadicam volt it is a smart phone stabilizer.
It is a device you put your phone in and it stops the shaking of the movement when you shoot video.
You have to make sure the stabilizer is balanced before use. Once it's balanced you can now shoot video from your your smart phone and even walk with it.
Once you replay the video you will notice a huge diffrence.

As you can see above this is what comes in the box everything you need to use the stabilizer to make awesome videos.
What's also cool is it is Go Pro compatible and also it is motorized. But if the batteries die and you charge them right away you can still use the stabilizer which is awesome .

You can find more information from the Tiffen website.

No monetary was given but I was invited to attend the event and was given product.
All is my own opinion and is 100% my own.


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