Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Consumer Products Event

I was invited to attend an event called Consumer products event, it happens twice a year once in LA and once in NYC.

 I got to check out some awesome products
From great brands.

From products for babies to adults, like a weather station for your home it can tell you the time to wake you up with an alarm to tell you the forecast outside.

 So I know I love bagels and everything bagels are a favorite well La Flor has the seasoning that is everything but the bagel.

You can now added it to your favorite dish.
You can find it at La Flor website where you can find other spices to add to your spice rack.

 These are some soft sheets there luxury at it's finest,
There made by Gryphon Homes they make luxury sheet sets and duvet sets, what's awesome is they will send you three of there luxury pillow cases for free just pay 1 dollar shipping and even if you don't like them there yours to keep it's in three different materials which is neat.
They have different color sheets so you can mix and match.

You can find more at Gryphon Homes website and see what they offer.

So i checked out  an awesome air fryer that does a lot it can replace bunch of kitchen appliances. its oven that does it all like baking a cake and even making dried fruit and or beef jerky. it doesn't take up space. and is great for the summer. you can find more information and also to purchase your very own. Modern Home website where you can find out more information.

so Ulloo 42 is a woman's own business that two friends that have come together and make different kinds of products which are unique pieces like theses wooden pieces that are napkin holders key holders and more. 

you can check out there story and look book and more ulloo42 website and check out more information and check out there work.

From the creators of Modern Homes they have an electric foldable bike  it's called Evo E-Bike it can travel over 20 mph which is nice 
So this is a cool Brand Called Switched Heels, it is a cool it's one shoe with many options to wear them. they come with three different size heels. a flat one and a small heel and a bigger heel. so it's nice to get to pick the size of the heel and not have to sacrifice your shoes.

So who doesn't love handbags couture by elesia there's three different sizes.
you can customize the to your liking, so it's a one of a kind handbag. you can find more on the bag and even other products Couture by Elesia they have t-shirts and dresses.

So Neptune's Organic make fertilizer that's organic, they make products for farmers and wholesalers they have everything you need to grow good fruits and veggies and that's not contaminated with harmful chemicals.

you can find more about them and get other products Neptune's Harvest website.

so there's a company that has an awesome product that will help everyone on there daily life. there called lacrosse Technology, they have all kinds of weather type products to help you stay safe in any kind of weather. there's products for indoors and outdoors.
 they have all you need to know the time and what the weather is gonna be or like. you can find out more at Lacrosse technology Website they have weather stations and radios and alarm clocks.

we all know about the Ugly Christmas Sweater party's well some new ones are more 3D like.

as you can see in the picture the dinosaur is coming out of the sweater. you can find other kinds of sweaters at Ugly Christmas Sweaters
website and find different styles.

  So Maui Jim has some stunning sunglasses and they even make eyeglasses they bring the look of Hawaii to the products.  they add polarized lens to the sunglasses so you know your getting protected from the sun you don't want to damage your eyes. you can find more styles and check out there eyeglasses also Maui Jim 

 So Ounce of Nature makes skincare products with CBD

Oils in them, they have anti aging products to facial bar soaps in many different scents like this charcoal one, to give you nice and soft skin and pulls out the dirt and oils.
the anti aging serum after you cleanse your face you use one ounce of the serum and rub it in on the skin. it smoothes out the wrinkles giving you smooth skin. giving you the youthful look. you can find it and any other product at Ounce of Nature website they have bath bombs and other products.


K9 Sport Sack it is a sack that you can wear and carry your puppies and dogs in and they are able to travel and not feel trapped in a cage carrier. there head is free and there arms are free but safely secured in the carrier they can see the world. theres diffrent sizes small medium and large since theres different sizes of breeds. you can find it at k9 sport sack it brings pets and owners together.

I  was invited to attend the event  and was giving a swag bag all opinions are 
my own.