Saturday, October 7, 2017

TTPM Holiday showcase

So I was invited to attend the TTPM Holiday showcase 2017, so I got to check out some cool new and upcoming toys for the holiday Season.
So I have checked out some toys for girls and boys and even baby's, and we cannot forget our lovely pets there family to.
I got to see some pretty awesome things I'm also gonna show you some of my favorites to.

So one of the hottest toys are squishy toys there slow rising soft toys made to look like foods and other cute characters.
They are a relaxing toy.

We have here JoJo bows and a doll of one of the girls from dance mom JoJo siwa.

There is toys out there for all age groups.

There's toys for boys like these action figures there fun and come with some cool accessories to use with them.

Here's some novelty toys some collectible poo theme toys, for boys and girls it reminds me of the poo emoji..

There's toys for the younger crowd so they can play and learn also love the toys from VTech they make some pretty awesome toys. You can find more cool toys on VTech website VTech kids

You can find more toys on the Discovery toys website what's also good about this brand is they have toys for children and even adults who have a disability to help them function better and learn new things.

You can find the teddy ruxpin on Walmart this brings back memories now kids now can join in on the fun to.

These are some cool toys love the fact teddy ruxpin is back I remember him from when I was a child. We had to put a cassette tape in the back of the toy and he read to us.
Now he's digital and works from an app on a smart phone.
Technology sure has changed.

Over all I had a really good time checking out all the cool stuff.. and I also ran into some YouTube personality, like Sam from Sam and Nia

It was cool to meet Sam and his son Abram.
I also ran into some blogger friends I know.

You can find more information on the website TTPM

I was invited to attend the TTPM Holiday showcase private event.
I was sent home with some toys,
All is my own honest opinion and may differ from everyone else.