Thursday, August 28, 2014

one direction makeup review

Hey all you One Direction fans this review is for you I got to do a review on a product that's new to the scene its called one direction makeup kits. Its amazing that the band would come out with new products for there fans. Theres three themes to the line each kit comes with everything you need to go out with, like lipstick lip gloss and eyeshadows and eye and body crayon and mascara its a whole kit for getting ready. I got the the Midnight Memory collection there made with rich colors like reds and blacks and more. They come in a collectable tin you can reuse to add things in, I like the kit its perfect for any makeup person or one direction fan, This doesn't hit stores just yet heres the dates it hits stores in heres the list, Macy's- Aug 11th Stage store - Aug 25th Dillards - Aug 25th Beauty brands - Aug 25th Lord and tailors - Aug 25th So go check it out and try new makeup line its a wonderful line of makeup and I love the packaging and the makeup it works wonderful with everyone especially the teens. As you can see in the pictures you can see the packaging and the layout it comes in its a great item to make into a great gift id recommend it to all who love makeup and more. I was given a free product for my reviews from brandbacker all is my own opinions. heres more info on there facebook page
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