Thursday, December 7, 2017

dbest laundry cart

So we all have clothes we need to wash and sometimes it can pile up, weather you have washing machines in your home or have to go to a laundry facilities.
Carrying a lot of dirty clothes can be a hassle, well I have a product that will help you out a lot.

It is called the laundry trolley dolly
It is a dolly that has a big heavy duty bag that connects to the Dolley, it is easy to set up.
Very light weight easy to pull, how it helps you is you attach the bag to the Dolley and put your dirty clothes inside, it comes with a liner which you can wash.
It helps bring your dirty clothes to the washing machines.

As you can see it holds a lot of clothing and some towels and throw blankets.
The bag is very strong it holds a lot and it doesn’t feel heavy to push around..
I love it it has helped me carry my dirty laundry, since I have a bad back.
So this cart has helped me, and as an added bonus the Dolley can be used without the laundry bag to carry heavier items like a case of water or a box of items. So it’s like getting two items for the price of one.

I know when I used the Dolley it has helped me carry a box of toys upstairs without our a hitch...
The Dolley is very sturdy it is built very well it has well made wheels, and it also folds up to put away and doesn’t take up space.

You can find more products from dbest Website they have all different kinds of products for your everyday needs.

 This is my own opinions I was sent product for review.