Friday, September 28, 2012

savvy caddy review

You ever had a wallet that was so big and bulky that you wanted to get rid of because of the thickness and the amount of stuff you stuff in it well I had the chance to do a review on a great product. as you can see from the pictures above Its a wallet that isnt bulky. Well what makes this wallet diffrent then the rest is its actually thin It doesnt bulk up you can have your cash and cards inside and Its still thin. as you can see in the picture how thin it really is i love this product and i couldnt be more happier to finally find a wallet that doesnt become bulky. heres a video to check out and this video shows how it works so go check it out you can check out So I recommend this product to everyone who is looking for a nice gift and a non bulky wallet because this is the one to get. the reason why it doesnt become bulky is because the inside has this photo album like holders for your cards and it hold your cards nice and neat and you pull one out if you need one they come in three sizes 8card holder 24 card holder and 32 card holder so you have a choice and they come in black or brown color and there made from top grain leather the finest of leathers. and the price is great. It retails for 19.95 so go check them out there a great company.

naturals voxbox 2012

Heres the naturals voxbox2012 thanks to influenster i love all the products i recived there all natural and organic from lip balm soap drying mat energy boost wipes and more heres a list of items i gotten in the box. 1.the drying mat. 2.lypsl lipbalm. 3.eboost energy boost. 4.clean well wipes. 5.geodeo deodorant. 6.nectreese. there all great products one drys dishes another moistens the lips while you also have a sugar subsitute and wipes for the hands and more i love this box it was great to work with and i cant wait for more products to come my way.

eboost review

This is the last item from the box its called eboost it is for energy boost you take a packet and add it to water and mix it and drink it. its soposed to give you energy theres many flavors i got the orange flavor one it has an aquired taste to it so it might not be for everyone. i kinda liked it but i liked to try diffrent flavors to pick my fav it gave me some energy so i was not tired all day because im the type i get sleepy during the day. this product helps keep me up and balanced. in the morning

clean well wipes

Heres another product i got its called the cleanwell wipes and let me say it works wonders and removing dirt and germs its good on sensitive skin and normal skin it works great its very portable to take with you. and it contains no alcohol so it leaves the skin nice and soft it works great i loved the product id recommend it to everyone looking for organic wipes this is it. go check it out.

shea butter soap

Heres another product i recived thanks to influenster its called sheabutter soap its a great soap it leaves the kids skin so soft and its all natural which is great like i said i love organic products. it started by a woman named sofi tucker selling shea nuts at the market in bonthe, then she started selling black soap and hair and skin lotion all over the country side. so she made an excellent product. this bar of soap does wonders for the kids skin it doesnt leave soap residue and flakes on there skin and it smells so good. great product.

lypsyl review

I got to try another product from the naturals voxbox and i got to say im loving this item its called lypsyl lip balm its all natural organic thanks influenster, it was many products in the box i recived and this item tops it all i love for my lips to be nice and smooth and this does the job. i love organic and naturals stuff and this tops the cake, it provides protection and moisture to the lips i use to use chapstick and now that i found this im very happy this is the new product im switching to from now on the chapstick didnt provide lots of protection and its not organic. so i recommend this product to everyone. looking for a good lipbalm thats organic.

dish drying mat

I got to do a review on a product called the dish drying mat thanks to influenster for letting me do the naturals voxbox2012 i loved it it works so well it takes up less room on the counter then using a dish towel and it doesnt get soaked up like a dish towel does so i was very happy to recive this item to test out i recommmend this product to everyone it thick enough to hold the water from the dishes and cups and other stuff you want to air dry. you can go check it out for more fun things to do.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

new influenster design

Im writing bout the recent changes to influenster i noticed today they are releasing a new website design and awesome layout alittle bout the site its a site where you earn badges to review voxboxes there boxes with products in them to test out so they go out to diffrent people at diffrent times i joined up and couldnt be more happier to be apart of a wonderful team love it heres a picture of me with one of there things i tested out it was the palmolive dishsoap i loved the product i love the new design and i hope it keeps getting better every year keep it up influenster. good job

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

headbands of hope

I got to do a review on an awesome product it was started from a college senior named Jessica Ekstrom 22. she created a line of headbands for girls that are battleing cancer. I think its a great idea that she came up with it shows young girls that is battleing cancer people care. and there beauitful on the outside. as you can see from the pic above i recived a purple color one and its called the skinny shabby the color is plum. it retails for 14.85 and everytime you go and buy a headband from the website a dollar of the sale goes to st baldricks foundation. which is a good cause they research in childhood cancer. this review means alot because i had family passaway from cancer so this review and the idea behind the headband means alot so i couldnt pass on the chance to review this item. you can check out the st baldricks foundation at and you can check out the headband of hopes website at its a really good cause i recommend it to all people to go check it out and support this cause.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

balboa baby review

I had the chance to do a review on a product from a company called balboa baby they are a company that caters to baby products for nursing products to slings and pillows and more. the product i i choose to review was there baby shopping chart cover as you can see in the picture its nice and big to cover the cart seat. because we as parents dont like our babys touching the carts and collecting all that germs. so this is where this product comes in to play you put it on the seat and over the handle so the whole seat is covered and then you can put your child in the chart and not have to worry bout your child putting his/her mouth on the handles of the cart. AS parents we know children become courious to touch everything so this cover helps reduce germs and its machine washable i loved it it works perfectly and as an extra bonus it fits resturants highchairs also so now we dont need to lug around two covers because it works all in one. i picked a black and white one and i love it it comes rolled up in a neat box the customer service was very nice i recived my product on time. so if your looking for a cover for shopping then i recommend this cover to all parents. you cant go to there website at you can also follow them on facebook at