Friday, September 28, 2012

savvy caddy review

You ever had a wallet that was so big and bulky that you wanted to get rid of because of the thickness and the amount of stuff you stuff in it well I had the chance to do a review on a great product. as you can see from the pictures above Its a wallet that isnt bulky. Well what makes this wallet diffrent then the rest is its actually thin It doesnt bulk up you can have your cash and cards inside and Its still thin. as you can see in the picture how thin it really is i love this product and i couldnt be more happier to finally find a wallet that doesnt become bulky. heres a video to check out and this video shows how it works so go check it out you can check out So I recommend this product to everyone who is looking for a nice gift and a non bulky wallet because this is the one to get. the reason why it doesnt become bulky is because the inside has this photo album like holders for your cards and it hold your cards nice and neat and you pull one out if you need one they come in three sizes 8card holder 24 card holder and 32 card holder so you have a choice and they come in black or brown color and there made from top grain leather the finest of leathers. and the price is great. It retails for 19.95 so go check them out there a great company.


  1. Looks like something my boyfriend could use.

  2. lol not what my husband would purchase, but its interesting for me to have in my purse. hehe

  3. These are so neat in the amount of cards they can hold and still be so thin!!