Friday, March 11, 2022

Blade Butler

 So I know when you have a ceiling fan in your home cleaning it can be a challenge from all the dust it collects.

Climbing on chairs can be dangerous because you can fall if you're not balanced on them.

Blade Butler has got you covered so you don't need to climb on chairs to clean the blades.

So you can see my fan it's located in the kitchen so the blade butler helps me keep my blades clean and do it safely.
Because climbing chairs isn't always safe, setting up the blade butler is easy you snap the pole together then unclip the hinge and slide the bag onto the handle.
And lock the hinge and you're ready to go.

You slide the blade in the bag and gently slide it so all the dust goes into the bag and is not on the floor making more of a mess to clean up.

It's easy to use and store when not in use.

Cleaning the ceiling fan is not everyone's favorite thing to clean but having a blade butler will help make things a  lot easier to clean and remove the dust and dirt particles that linger on your fan.

You can get it from the Blade Butler website there's more information and videos and you can purchase your blade butler.

This isn't sponsored but the product was sent for review purposes all is my honest opinion.