Sunday, May 17, 2015

Anjolee jewelery review

Have you ever wanted to customize a piece of jewelry. Well I found a site that let's you do the exact thing first you go to the site and pick out a piece of jewelry that you want to customize.
Then you pick the chain or band or earrings you want to make and pick the metal type you want they have it all from gold to silver. Then you pick the stone for it they have different they have all shapes and sizes then you pick the size of your fitting to make sure it fits. I got to make a piece myself it was so nice to work with them there there to make your expectations worth your time I picked a silver band with my mothers and sister birthstone in the middle there birthdays is in November so I got citrine stone in the middle and I got the high quality cubic zirconia stone on the sides it comes packaged in a nice wooden box and it shows how well they make there customers happy.
Check out there diamond earrings
This is sponsored for review by anjolee jeweler all my opinions are my own.