Sunday, December 26, 2021

Books for Everyone

 So this is for the people that want to find some interesting to read, I have two interesting books one is a coffee manual.

It gives you the history of making an awesome cup of coffee. It tells you about different coffee makers and their purpose from a French press to a pour-over to drip coffee makers.

The other one is called Nourishment a five-year journal where you write down memories of your favorite foods and write down favorite recipes.

It's nice to keep the memories to go back on and look back on.

it's semi-dated it has January 1st to December 31st but you add the date.

These books make great gifts especially for the coffee lover and people who love journaling and food. And it's a five-year journal I cannot wait to see what five years in my life is gonna be to look back on.

You can get these and other titles on Bookshop website and you can find these two books and more. 

I was sent products for review all is my own opinions.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Ripped Apart Living Misdiagnosed

 This is for the people that love reading here's a book that can make you think about yourself and your health. 

Because it happens you get diagnosed with a medical condition to only be told you have been misdiagnosed.

It tells the story of being misdiagnosed shows what Gary went through with having his organs on the outside of his body and having his wife by his side. 

Never given up and kept fighting. 

The book can make you think about yourself and make sure you know what's going on with your medical treatment. The book is an eye-opener.

You can find it on Simon and Schuster and where ever books are sold. 

I was sent a copy for review all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Dr Plotka Toothbrushes

 So we all need to keep our teeth clean and in tip-top shape.

Well, Dr. Plotkas mouthwatchers have got you covered.

What makes these toothbrushes unique is their ergonomic handle and bristles, where get deep down to the gum line to help remove plaque and food particles from in between the teeth.

The bristles are antimicrobial with flossing bristles.

So there longer and last one month longer because the bristles are antimicrobial.

There are adult sizes and youth sizes to make them easy to hold with smaller hands.  They come in different colors, so each person can have their color and not get mixed up with others. 

Here you can see the bristles are longer. And the handle has a nice handle with a grip to hold.

You can find it on the Mouthwatchers website to get your own. The bristles have silver infused to make them antimicrobial and make the toothbrush last one month longer when it comes to replacing the toothbrushes.

    The product was sent for review all is my own opinion. 

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Iron Flask

 So we all love to go out or do things and it's nice to bring a drink with you or food. But sometimes bring food with you it gets cold.

Well, Iron Flask has got you covered, with their water bottles and Food Jars.

Keeps cold drinks cold for a while and water hot also. 

It comes in many different colors and what makes this unique is that it comes with three different lids for the water bottle so you have choices. 

Which makes it different from others.

And the food jar comes in many colors and is also a foldable spoon so you have everything you need. 

So it is good for travel and kids they can take it with them to school and have hot lunch. It comes in two sizes a 16oz and 13.5oz.

The water bottle I have is in the bubble gum color and comes with the spout lid and flip cap and twist-off one. The food jar that I have is in black but there are many colors to choose from. 

You can find these items and more on the Iron Flask website.

I was sent products for review all is my own honest opinion.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Apex Protein Snack Sticks

so finding a good snack that you can give yourself or your family can be hard because you want to know what's in the snack.
They're made with game meat. There's 0g - 3g of sugar and 9g - to 11g of protein and 90-105 Calories and there gluten Free.

There individually wrapped so there easy to grab and go.

So they come in a box individually wrap and come in many different flavors the one I tried is the beef KC bbq it has a nice kick and makes a great snack I just grab my drink of choice and one or two of these sticks and I'm good. 
Their good amount especially between meals.

There are different flavors from the original venison and 
And Elk jalapeno 
And bison teriyaki and boar jalapeno and cheese.

They make for a great gift or treat for someone who likes protein snacks.

You can get them on their Apex Protein Snacks website and find other goodies and treats. 

I was sent the product for review all are my own opinions.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Space Jam A New Legacy Giveaway

So i'm Hosting a giveaway for a copy of Space Jam A New Legacy, it is a fun movie for the whole family, i remember watching the michael jordan one as a child and now it has been brought back for a new generation. so the Digital version came out early on Sept 3rd. the DVD version is coming out in october 5th. so if you like to win a copy enter the giveaway.
Space Jam A New Legacy Giveaway you Can go to there Facebok page and check out all the cool things about the movie.

Friday, September 24, 2021

CBD me By Eco Lips

So I know I don't like having chapped lips and I'm always on the hunt for sustainable products I look at the packaging and the product.

Well Eco Lips have got you covered they have different lines and one of them is their CBD line it's Called CBD me there are three different scents there's Natural and there's Lavender and Mint and a Lavender and orange one. 

They keep my lips hydrated and soft.
It has 30mg broad-spectrum CBD paired with certified hemp oil. Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa butter and coconut oil for an all-around lip moisturizing experience. 
Which helps nourish your lips. and keeps them soft.
The natural one there's no scent so if you want one with no flavor scent to it then the natural one
 is the one to try.

The packaging is nice and since they have different lines of lip care products it's nice that it's a different color so you can't mix up with someone who uses the same brand but a different product. 

It does keep your lips hydrated and doesn't dry out your lips. And it has 0.0 THC. So if you are worried you don't need to be. 
You can get them on their website  CBD me so if you're looking for a product with CBD in it without THC for your lip care then this is it.
I was sent the product for review all are my own opinions and may differ from others.  

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Kensington Ultrabook Backpack

 So back to school is upon us and time for books pens and electronics, but you need to carry it all.

Well, the folks at Kensington have got you covered with the Ultrabook backpack it has a slim design so it isn't heavy, there's back support and lots of pockets to keep you organized.

Like a pocket with felt inside for your smartphone and other items like glasses. There is a port that has a rubber tip so you can use wired headphones to listen to music without removing your smartphone from the bag.

There's a compartment for your tablet and laptop. And it stays put with the Velcro strap. My laptop is a 13inch. And fits nicely.

There's a form of a pocket that has more space to keep you organized and a key holder to keep your keeps in arms reach.

So you can see it has lots of room to carry all your essentials for back to school or work or about anywhere you need to go.

you can see the Lime green felt that is protecting my computer mouse and earbuds. Cheerful color also.

Here you can see my laptop fits nicely.  there's plenty more space for books and other items you may need.

You can get your own on the Kensington Ultrabook backpack website for 49.99 it has everything you need. For all your tech storage needs.

I was sent the product for review all is my own opinion.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Tartan Week Scottish Treats

April 4th to the 11th is Tartan Week where you Show what Scottish is all about.

From having Scottish Treats and learn about the culture.

From Haggis to specialty drinks 

I got to try out a soft drink that's a specialty to the Scottish and black pepper Haggis crisps. Love the flavor the crisps have it's not your ordinary chip.

It looks like an orange soft drink but it isn't and it has a unique taste it tastes great with the crisp it smooth.

The potato crisp has a flavor you can taste the black pepper it has a nice taste you can see the black pepper, it's not like any regular chips you can taste crisp and enjoy it.

As you can see what they look like makes for a great snack and with the drink it goes well together, I love trying and learning about different cultures I have Irish in my family on my mother's side.

You can get these goodies on the Scottish Grocer website and also find other Scottish Treats and favorites.

I was sent products for review all is my own opinions and views.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Lono Wear

 So sometimes finding a shoe that fits and that's also comfortable to wear. 

Because when you don't have the support in your shoes can make you have pain or be uncomfortable when walking.

Well, Lono Wear has got you covered with breathable sneakers that you don't need socks. What makes them unique is the insole has a sock on it so that's what makes wearing it sockless. And when it gets dirty you remove it and throw it in the wash. There are many colors so there's something for everyone.

 As you can see there made us'll I walked in a snow shower where it was snowing mixed with rain they held up nicely. The bottom of the sneakers is thick that gives you support so it makes walking comfortable. 

The back of the sneakers has a cushion type that supports the back of your feet so you don't get blisters it's like having pillows in your sneakers it was thought out nicely because I know me and everyone doesn't like getting blisters when wearing new sneakers.

 As you can see the insoles have the sock on them So you don't have to wear socks with the shoe.
And you can also see the cushion that protects the back of the foot so it's like walking with a pillow on your feet.

They are comfortable walking in and give enough support because we need our feet to get around.

You can check it out on Lono wear website. 

All opinions are my own honest opinion I was sent product for review purpose.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Foodie kid

 So as Parents or anyone with kids at home some times they can be picky eaters and or they don’t like the baby  foods, 

There’s a company that is changing that there Called 

Foodie Kids there packages of cubed veggies so you can make your baby food, but as a child comes to eat solid foods you don’t need to purée it they can eat it the way it is.

They did the job for you by preparing it and all you need to do is heat it steam it for solids and or purée it for baby food.

There are three packages with root veggies and one with lentils and veggie packs and one veggie pack there are lentils sweet potatoes zucchini and peas and all delicious veggies even though it’s for children since it is only veggies adults can eat it too. 

As you can see they come in one big package that is then broken into four smaller packs so it is portioned for you.

So there's a better option to give your children when it comes to baby food because as you can see it's regular veggies that you can make into a puree and your own can't food and you know what's inside the foods.
You can get some on Foodie Kid website and shop for them and learn about their story and how the company was started..

As they get older you can serve it as is after you prepare it so it's helpful to have the veggies already cut for you so you only need to cook it.

All my opinions are my own I was sent the product for review. 

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Pink Panda Candy

 I love Candy but sometimes Candy having a lot of sugar isn't good for you. 

Well, Pink Panda solves it with their Gummy candy there are three different kinds Gummy bears, Astro Blasters, and Treasure Chews. 

What makes it better is it has 2-3 grams of sugar 

The Astro Blasters and Treasure Chews are also 100% vegan and are dairy-free. 

They taste good and come in colorful packaging also.

What's nice is each variety comes in a different color package so it's easy to find what you want and know which is which. There colorful treats and there are different shapes. 

So the pink package is the Treasure Chews there in  different shapes of jewels and each in a different flavor like Blue Raspberry   and Green Apple and Orange and Lemon and Cherry.

 Here's the yellow package which is the Astro Blasters they have the same flavors as the pink package but what makes this one a A little different is the Astro Blasters are on the sour side so you can a little of sweet and little bit of sour. There's no wrong choice.

So you can see the difference in the texture one is a smooth one and one is on the rough texture because one is sweet and one is on the sour side. 
There's something for every one. 
They both come in 6, 12, 18 packs so more to share and enjoy. You can get yours on Pink Panda Candy website and get your packs and enjoy with everyone. 

I was sent the product for review all are my own opinions. 



Sunday, January 3, 2021

Vena CBD Chocolates

 Vena is a Vessel that carries blood to the heart, 

CBD is a thing that’s been taking up a storm they come in liquids and pill form and even added to products like 


Vena is the Brainchild of Tamra Judge and her husband Eddie. There on the show Real Housewives of Orange County.

They started because of Eddie when he got sick with a heart condition, 

So there are many products in the Vena line from chocolates to drops and more. I have tried two of the Three flavor chocolates there’s Milk Chocolate with Toffee Crumbles and there are Decadent Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate peppermint.

So the two Flavors I tried were the Milk Chocolate with toffee Crumbles and the Decadent Dark Chocolate. They have a great taste and each square of chocolate contains 25mg of CBD in the square, you have one as needed.  

Each piece of chocolate is individually wrapped and in a different color so you know which flavor it is and wants. Vena's CBD chocolates are made from clean, non-GMO ingredients.

You can check out more and purchase a bag your self at VenaCBD Website and find everything you need. It makes a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life. 

All my opinions are my own I was sent product for review .