Monday, July 16, 2018

AirSelfie2 Camera

Well we know there are flying drones with cameras and everyone wants to take an awesome picture or video in the air.

Well there's a product that does just that and it's not to big and can fit in your pocket. It's called AirSelfie2 they came out with the original, and now they updated the specs.

Like the photo resolution is 12mp and it includes a 16GB memory card.

I got to check it out at CE WEEK NYC I loved it.

I loved how compact it is. So it's now on sale at AirSelfie2 Camera website and also at B&H website also Adorama website and also on Amazon and also Best buy which will be available on July 17th 2018.

It has 50% longer battery life who doesn't love longer time to take video and if your looking for a awesome shots and video from the air then go check out the AirSelfie2  Camera.

This is my own opinion and all is 100% true.