Thursday, March 18, 2021

Lono Wear

 So sometimes finding a shoe that fits and that's also comfortable to wear. 

Because when you don't have the support in your shoes can make you have pain or be uncomfortable when walking.

Well, Lono Wear has got you covered with breathable sneakers that you don't need socks. What makes them unique is the insole has a sock on it so that's what makes wearing it sockless. And when it gets dirty you remove it and throw it in the wash. There are many colors so there's something for everyone.

 As you can see there made us'll I walked in a snow shower where it was snowing mixed with rain they held up nicely. The bottom of the sneakers is thick that gives you support so it makes walking comfortable. 

The back of the sneakers has a cushion type that supports the back of your feet so you don't get blisters it's like having pillows in your sneakers it was thought out nicely because I know me and everyone doesn't like getting blisters when wearing new sneakers.

 As you can see the insoles have the sock on them So you don't have to wear socks with the shoe.
And you can also see the cushion that protects the back of the foot so it's like walking with a pillow on your feet.

They are comfortable walking in and give enough support because we need our feet to get around.

You can check it out on Lono wear website. 

All opinions are my own honest opinion I was sent product for review purpose.