Sunday, September 9, 2018

Type:A Deodorant

So I know I sweat and alot of people do but I like to make sure I have protection that will keep my under arms in check. One thing I don't have to deal with is under arm hair never have to shave the pits. But I do sweat and it makes me uncomfortable with it.
I was introduce to a Deodorant that can help me with that issue of making sure I'm protected and have no sweat stains.

I love the product I've used it everyday especially since it has been a heat wave here in NYC.

It kept my shirts clean from having sweat spots on my shirts, I wear colors so if it was on my clothes you can see it.

Here are some key information about this deodorant.

  • Powered by 100% natural actives + safe synthetic ingredients
  • Sweat-activated formula creates time release effect
  • Long-lasting odor and wetness protection
  • Comes in a tube, swipes on like a stick
  • Absorbs instantly
  • Leaves skin soft
  • Clothing-friendly, won’t stain.

It doesn't irritate my skin which is a plus, I will continue using this product in my morning routine. 
There is also one that is fragrance and oil free. 

The one I used has s subtle scent which I love it's not over powering it's just the right amount of scent..

You can find more about the product on TypeA Type:A deodorant website.

I was sent product for my honest opinion all is my own opinion.