Friday, December 29, 2017

Emirates Airlines Gifts

So we all know there’s many airline company’s out there.
Well there’s one that also have gifts you can buy for your self or a loved one, they have everything from a journal to jot your thoughts down there’s also apparel from sweat pants to jackets and even things for your jewelry and stuff for the gym buffs.
I got to check out one of the items a wallet 
It comes in two colors a red one and a blue one.

It comes packaged in a nice box and all you need to do is add a bow and gift it.
I love the leather of the wallet it’s nice and smooth, it has lots of room inside for credit cards and your cash and a middle compartment for your coins.

It’s easy to put a card in the slot and it’s also easy to remove it. So next time you are looking for a nice gift you should check out Emirates Store website and find all your gift needs..

I was sent product for my honest opinions
All is my own 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Welcome A Cure mat

So there’s a company called Carpet One Floor and Home, they put out welcome mats that support Breast Cancer Research.
It cost 24.99 each and when you make a purchase, 25 percent of the proceeds directly support the five-star rated Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Which is not bad at all the company reached almost 1 million in sales already from the purchase of the mats. There are 18 different designs in the collection and they have something for everyone.

The mat blends nicely in my living room I like it inside I love looking at
The design and makes me happy I’m sad times..

The one I got to check out is this lovely pink hello gorgeous mat. Which can brighten anyone’s day, it sure helped me with my moms passing in Sept of 2017 she died of a brain tumor, and by looking at this mat helped me get through it. I love the cause behind the mats it represents more then a mat. A good cause behind it. I love when company’s do something for a good cause. It shows where my money is going to.

You can find more on Carpet one website to find all your flooring needs.

I was sent product for my honest opinions 
All is my own..

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Super wings transformers

So the super wings crew is back there here better then ever.
They now transform so there are super wing individual characters that are good for putting in to kids stockings, they transform from plane to figure.

There are different characters to choose from they make great gifts to give out.
My child loves watching super wings, there are also transformer sets like the super wings take off tower and the super wings super robot suit which you can attach the smaller character to the suit and make it one awesome toy.

The other toy is transformer toy turn into an airport like take off center so you can keep on adding other super wings toys to it, these toys make a great gift which I know some little boys that are gonna be very happy in the coming days, to see the excitement when the show they watch on TV, they can now play with them..

You can find it on Alpha toys website and also on Toysrus website there great toys that make great gifts for any child.

I was sent products for my honest opinion all is my own..

Thursday, December 7, 2017

dbest laundry cart

So we all have clothes we need to wash and sometimes it can pile up, weather you have washing machines in your home or have to go to a laundry facilities.
Carrying a lot of dirty clothes can be a hassle, well I have a product that will help you out a lot.

It is called the laundry trolley dolly
It is a dolly that has a big heavy duty bag that connects to the Dolley, it is easy to set up.
Very light weight easy to pull, how it helps you is you attach the bag to the Dolley and put your dirty clothes inside, it comes with a liner which you can wash.
It helps bring your dirty clothes to the washing machines.

As you can see it holds a lot of clothing and some towels and throw blankets.
The bag is very strong it holds a lot and it doesn’t feel heavy to push around..
I love it it has helped me carry my dirty laundry, since I have a bad back.
So this cart has helped me, and as an added bonus the Dolley can be used without the laundry bag to carry heavier items like a case of water or a box of items. So it’s like getting two items for the price of one.

I know when I used the Dolley it has helped me carry a box of toys upstairs without our a hitch...
The Dolley is very sturdy it is built very well it has well made wheels, and it also folds up to put away and doesn’t take up space.

You can find more products from dbest Website they have all different kinds of products for your everyday needs.

 This is my own opinions I was sent product for review.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Drone Forces

So we all know the holidays are coming and where trying to find the hottest toys for our kids,
Well I have something that is for the boys age 6+ and up.
We all know drones are a popular with the older kids, and so the younger ones want in on the fun also.
Since drones can be very expensive for young kids to play with I have tried out some that are perfect for the younger ones to play with.
One is called stinger
it is a small drone that has alien drone technology.

It has an exoskeleton cage for safe flying it in doors. So it doesn’t cause damage to the inside of the house.

My child loves playing with it he is still learning how to fly it. He now can play with the older kids when they fly there drone because he has his own now.
Even the bigger kids like playing with the drone, so it brings the family together.

It retails for 24.99 on the website.

As you can see he is playing with it indoors so when it gets nicer out we will have him fly it outdoors.

You can find it on Toysrus Website if your kids love insects and things that fly then this drone is for you..

The next one I tried out is called Morph Zilla 

This drone is awesome because you can drive it on the floor in ape mode and then change and fly it in the air in drone mode.
It’s like having two toys in one, do stunts and fly in the air and or morphs easy so going from ground to air is no problem.

My kids love the drones the older and younger ones were playing together with the toys and it was fun to see them all get along.

This one retails for 79.99 on the website.

I love the fact it is made for indoors and outdoors because when it gets cold outside they can’t go fly it outside.

Again this is for 6+ and up.

You can find this at Toysrus website. So go check it out if you looking for a cool toy.

I was sent products for review all is my own honest opinions

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chewy Influencer nov 2017

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review.

So this is for all the dog owners out there, we all love to find the perfect food for our
Pets. So blue buffalo has food that are a good choice for our dogs.

So I gave my dog a choice of chicken grills or duck grills, what I like about the food it comes in single serve trays so I pull one out and just serve it to him.

He loves the taste of the food. I love the fact it is grain free, 
also made in the USA with all natural ingredients.
i love when my pet food is made in the USA with real ingredients.
our pets are family also.
i treat my dog like i would treat anyone with respect.
i don't treat them with disrespect so i don't just give my dog any old food. 
the case of 6 duck and 6 chicken grills cost 16.99 on the website.

you can find this and more on the Chewy website. 
They have all you pet needs.

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Chewy Influencer November 2017

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review.

So we all have cats that sheds hair, it gets all over the place clothes furniture.
So there is this product that helps with the shedding.
Furminator she’s control cloths.

The purpose of the cloths is to reduce the shedding of cat hair so it doesn’t go all over 
The house.

I like that it is a cloth type product because it doesn’t make 
A mess, the cat hair clings to the cloth so it makes it easier to remove the hair.

As you can see my cat has a lot of hair so the cloths comes in handy to make sure my house isn’t covered in cat hair.
I love how the cloth feels and it is strong, it doesn’t feel like it will fall apart and not doing the job.

It comes in a 12 count and it reusable for up to 3 uses. Which is good to make them last a lot longer.
It is priced at 6.79 dollars on the website. 
it is a great product, the cloth is 3x thicker them your average wipes to catch the cat hairs.
you can find this product and more on the Chewy website.
they have all your pet products.

I Received these goodies free of charged from Chewy in in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

This is a sponsored post

So we all know that buying a car can be stressful especially if it is your first car, you need to gather all the information you need.
Like if you want a new car or a used car you also need to know what model your looking for.

You have to look for certain things like safety features in a car, and if your looking for
A used car how many miles are on the car.

So I know a website where you can find all your car information you need.
It is called you can find a cars status and how many miles on a used car.
And all the safety of the car, you don’t want to put your family in danger by buying a car
That isn’t safe.
You can find out what car is best for your family needs you can also find places to service your
Car, and even if your looking to sell your car you can get all the information you need.
From selling to a dealer or other places.

Car buying takes some work you don’t want to rush and get the first car you see you need
To do your homework and gather enough information before you make the final decision.
I know I would look at the site if I was looking to buy a car, since I’m no car expert I wouldn’t
Want my family to be in danger.

So I know when I’m buying a car I’d look for safety since I do have precious cargo that I wouldn’t want anything bad to happened.

As you can see I have two car seats in the back so safety is number one, so I would go to the cars website to find information about safety. 
I love the idea of finding all the information in one place, I don’t like to go on a goose chase to gather information I need. 

This is a sponsored post 

All my opinions are my own. 
I was compensated for this review.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Kinder joy egg surprise

So I was invited to attend an event on a product that has been around for a long time.
The product is called kinder joy, they were first brought to light along time ago, it is a kids favorite what makes it so special is it is a chocolate treat with a toy surprise inside it.
Well what makes kinder joy a special treat is because here in the USA, the original kinder surprise egg treat is banned. So if you were a kid that had the chance to get a kinder surprise egg then consider yourself lucky.

I know I had kinder surprise as a kid it was a cool concept.
Chocolate and a little toy surprise what more can you ask for.

Well now the company that produces it the makers of the ever popular Nutella the Italian company Ferraro they make awesome chocolate hazelnut candies.
So they made a version for the USA it is called Kinder Joy, well the changes are the egg shape is made of plastic it is divided into two compartments one with a toy surprise and the other compartment houses a sweet cream with chocolate wafer bites. It does come with a little spoon
To eat the sweet treat.

It is so good to bring my childhood back so our kids can enjoy our past time favorite treat.

There are many toys to collect and so I know kids  will love this treat I mean chocolate and a toy what can a kid ask for.

 as you can see it was set up nice and we went outside for the kinder joy unveiling of the first shipment in the USA .

so as you can see the showcase as to what kind of toys come inside the egg treats. there are a lot to collect. you never know what your gonna get. so go get some kinder joy eggs and hope you get what you want.

you can find more at Kinder website you can see videos and more and learn where kinder came from. 

I was invited to attend the launch of kinder joy eggs and was given a goodie bag to take home. all my opinions are my own.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

City harvest

So we all know that the holidays are coming and being with family and friends
Is what we all want to do, well some people don’t have the chance to be with family for
The holidays. I know I wish my mother was still here with me but she passed away before the holiday
So there is a place that makes sure everyone has some food to eat for the holidays and everyday there after.

It’s called City harvest they do a lot to make sure no one goes hungry they make deliveries to all of NYC food ankhs and pantry’s including 11 right in Staten Island.
I live in Staten Island and we’re considered the forgotten bough in NYC.
They will be delivering turkeys to food pantry’s this year again. So you can find more information on City Harvest website. They also look out for the kids so they don’t go hungry and that they remain in
School and get there education and not have to worry about not eating.

They have a program called the fruit bowl program it provides kids in pre school and head start programs  and after school access to fresh fruits and low fat dairy foods.

There care takers learn new skills and where the programs are to help them to keep
Nutritious foods on the table.

Kids look up to the parents so we as parents don’t like setting bad examples for
Our kids, so if we can have access to good and nutritious food then we
Did our job right.

You can find more information about the Fruit Bowl Program On the city harvest website.

They are always looking for donations and or volunteers to help out.
You can go to the website.

In Staten Island alone roughly about 48,380 residents are facing hunger and 19,940 are children.

Through programs like these and many more, City Harvest has provided meals for 420,000 food-insecure children across all five boroughs while exposing them to fruits and vegetables to pave the way for a healthier lifestyle.

They also have a mobile truck going around providing free fruits and vegetables to families in need.

You can go check out city harvest and see all the good there doing in New York City.

Everyone should have food to eat and not be worried when they will have food to eat.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Staples Holiday Event

So we all know the holidays are coming and we all try and find the perfect
Gift for our loved ones, well Staples got you covered. There not just for office supplies.
They also have great gifts to, I was invited to attend a holiday gift wrap off with Chris Thompson who is the Guinness world book champion in the fastest person to gift wrap gifts of all different sizes and shapes.
Staples has a wide range of gifts to choose from like for kids and friends and adults to.

As you can see there is gifts for the child in your life as well as the woman
Or man in your life, from games to nice planners to keep your life in order.
And even items for your kids like the trolls headphones and even a Pac-Man and star wars game.
You can also never go wrong with a gift card and they can choose there gift also.
So I went and tried to wrap a gift as fast as I can but I didn’t have much luck to beat Chris. He proved  how it is done and he even beat his fast time of 18seconds.. it was a lot of fun to wrap gifts.
It price matches 110%  if you find it at a lower price then they will give you that price plus an extra 10% off. i love that staples stands behind there customers.
also they help you save time by having a text to ship, where you text LABEL to 555444 it will make a label for you and then you can print it out and put it on your package and can ship it from staples. everyone has a smart phone so this is a time saver so your not waiting on long lines.

also if you are staples rewards member you can get free shipping if you order is 49.99 dollar or over, as long as it is ordered by  local time. and it exclude weekends and holidays. not a bad deal.

As you can see the gift wrap going on with me and Chris and and another blogger. I care in third place. I did have a good time and I do know how to wrap gifts just at my own pace.
So as you can see staples has a lot to offer this holiday season, so go out and check your local staples store and see what they have you never know what you are gonna find..
You can find more products at Staples website. It was a fun time and I’m looking forward to the holidays. I did get to take home a gift bag with some staples products.

I was invited to attend an event and my opinions are my own.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Put me in the story Baby first year

So we all know to capture a baby's first year of life is very important.
Like there first step or there first time eating solid foods.
So I have a product where you can customize a book with all your child's first year of life.
It's from a company called Put me in the Story, it is a company that makes personalized gifts for babies to toddlers to even adults and grandparents.
They have all kinds of gifts.

The Winnie the Pooh baby's first year is an awesome gift to give to a new mom or mom to be so they can record there baby's first year of life. So when the child is older you can look back on the good memories of when they were born.
The book comes with beautiful illustration of Winnie and his friends.

So there is plenty of room to record all the important milestones in your babies life.
I customize this book for my niece because she is having a little girl and I thought this would be a great gift for her to remember all her milestones.
She has a little boy and she record his first year of life with pictures.
Well now onto her second child she can write down all wonderful memories.

You can add a picture to the cover of the book I choose it to be blank so she put something on the cover.

You can find more information and build your own book at Put me in the story website the book is priced at 34.99 dollars.

I was sent product for my review 
All is my own 100% and may differ from anyone else.

Monday, October 30, 2017

October Chewy Influencer 2017

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.

We all love to treat our cats like family, so we try and find the best for our cats.
Like food and toys and more, so I found a cat treat that is messy free.
It is called Fancy Feast duos. There are different flavors the one my cat had is the tuna flavor, they also have a chicken and salmon flavor one.

As you can see my cat loves it one because it's not messy and second it's tender in the inside.
My cat loves the tuna flavor and gets excited when I give him one.
I use it as a treat or a snack depends on the day.

It is priced at 4.55 dollars on the website.
You can find it on Chewy website you can find more pet items and stuff.
I love the Purina brand they stand listen to the customer's

My cat loves the treat.

I like this then giving my cat a small can of a treat.
With the pouch it's easy to dispense.

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.
 All is my own opinion and may differ from others.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

October Chewy Influencer 2017

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.

So we all have the cat that likes scratches everything from cat post to couches, and sometimes it can be a pain to have things in our home that gets damage.

Well I have a product that helps a cat stay calm and not scare the cat if there in new environments or if a new pet comes in to the house.

It is called Comfort zone with feliway cat diffuser.

So what it does it heats the scent and releases it so the cat smells the scent and gets calm and helps reduce cat markings whether it is scratches or urine marking.

As you can see my cat likes to mark his territory, so I'm glad I have found a product that helps reduce markings.
And there's refills to use when the one bottle is done.
The kit is 22.89 
You can find the product on Chewy website.
I love the product and it helps calm my cat.

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.

All is my own opinion and is 100% my own and may differ from others.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tech talk with Techlicious and consumer Technology Association event

I was invited to attend a lunch and learn event sponsored by Techlicious and consumer Technology Association,
Where we looked at some pretty awesome camera's and other cool tech toys.

We had a nice lunch and also learned some cool picture taking tips to make our photos stand out from the rest.
I love taking pictures from a camera or smart phone.
So what ever device you have you can still use the tips learned..

Here are a few tips to get awesome pictures

1. Have good light source whether it is natural sunlight or
Light in your room that make it like you have natural light.

2. Have a tripod one it helps keep the smart phone or camera steady and doesn't blur or mess the picture up.
 You also want to be at eye level with the object also.

So I got to check out some cool DSLR cameras and point and shoot camera's as well.

These are the dslr camera's these are light weight compare to some DSLR that weight alot more.
They take very good pictures they can do monochrome which is the picture is greyed out except for the color your trying to enhance an example of what monochrome is the two pumpkins in the one picture I took that from my smart phone but you can get an idea what the dslr can do better.

These are the point and shoot camera's they can do alot also and if your looking for a smaller camera then these are the ones to go check out.
They have wifi connectivity to send pictures to your smart phone and you can upload them to your favorite social media.

They have good zoom better then what a smart phone can do.

There all good brands.

Also I got to check out an Epson printer, what is cool is you don't need to always run to the store to buy ink for the cartridge. It last up to 2 years. Which is awesome comes in black and white and color ink.

This one is for consumers so if you need an all in one then this is for you.
It can scan and fax and copy.

So I also got to check out an accessory for smart phones I love shooting with my smart phone because I always have it in my possession, so it's less things I need to carry.
Well one thing happens when your holding your phone and trying to shoot video it tends to get shaky.
You notice it when you replay the video back.

Well there was a product made to stop the shakiness from your smart phone it is called the Steadicam volt it is a smart phone stabilizer.
It is a device you put your phone in and it stops the shaking of the movement when you shoot video.
You have to make sure the stabilizer is balanced before use. Once it's balanced you can now shoot video from your your smart phone and even walk with it.
Once you replay the video you will notice a huge diffrence.

As you can see above this is what comes in the box everything you need to use the stabilizer to make awesome videos.
What's also cool is it is Go Pro compatible and also it is motorized. But if the batteries die and you charge them right away you can still use the stabilizer which is awesome .

You can find more information from the Tiffen website.

No monetary was given but I was invited to attend the event and was given product.
All is my own opinion and is 100% my own.