Thursday, November 23, 2017

Kinder joy egg surprise

So I was invited to attend an event on a product that has been around for a long time.
The product is called kinder joy, they were first brought to light along time ago, it is a kids favorite what makes it so special is it is a chocolate treat with a toy surprise inside it.
Well what makes kinder joy a special treat is because here in the USA, the original kinder surprise egg treat is banned. So if you were a kid that had the chance to get a kinder surprise egg then consider yourself lucky.

I know I had kinder surprise as a kid it was a cool concept.
Chocolate and a little toy surprise what more can you ask for.

Well now the company that produces it the makers of the ever popular Nutella the Italian company Ferraro they make awesome chocolate hazelnut candies.
So they made a version for the USA it is called Kinder Joy, well the changes are the egg shape is made of plastic it is divided into two compartments one with a toy surprise and the other compartment houses a sweet cream with chocolate wafer bites. It does come with a little spoon
To eat the sweet treat.

It is so good to bring my childhood back so our kids can enjoy our past time favorite treat.

There are many toys to collect and so I know kids  will love this treat I mean chocolate and a toy what can a kid ask for.

 as you can see it was set up nice and we went outside for the kinder joy unveiling of the first shipment in the USA .

so as you can see the showcase as to what kind of toys come inside the egg treats. there are a lot to collect. you never know what your gonna get. so go get some kinder joy eggs and hope you get what you want.

you can find more at Kinder website you can see videos and more and learn where kinder came from. 

I was invited to attend the launch of kinder joy eggs and was given a goodie bag to take home. all my opinions are my own.

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