Tuesday, March 21, 2023

TTPM Spring Showcase

 So every year Toy authority hosts the TTPM Spring showcase that showcases upcoming and new and classic toys that are in-store or sold online. 

Here is a classic manga doodle that lets you draw anything you like. From cra-z-art it's all about retro toys I played with this as a child and now this generation of children is playing with the same toy as my childhood. 
And new sets from Lego have all kinds of sets and themes for all ages. I checked out some avatar sets and even a sports car. 

And Fresh Dolls is a line of dolls for everyone from skin tone to different hair that represents different cultures. Of Men and Women, everybody is different and unique. There are different lines the fresh squad is barbie like dolls there is a fairy line of little fairy dolls and even baby dolls that are all in different skin tones. skin tones. 

Here's new stuff from Hasbro 
There's such a nostalgic memory of my little pony as I had toys when I was a child it's nice to see newer versions and a sense of nostalgia seeing my kids play with toys from my little pony. 

 can't forget something for the boys like the new upcoming transformer toys from Hasbro there a classic. 

 and for toddlers the American Girl  baby and baby kitchen 
There are lots to choose from for the baby from high chairs to kitchen to more. I checked out lots of cool toys for the spring and summer launches. 

I was invited to attend the TTPM Spring Showcase all is my own opinion. 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Manuka Guard Kids Nasal Spray

 So I know when kids are sick they get fussy with taking medicine to help them feel better.

Or there are ingredients in kids' medicine that you don't like and want to find something that is a more natural approach, Manuka Guard has got you covered. They have nasal spray specifically made for kids.

It helps break up the buildup and keeps the kid's nasal passage moisturized and helps them breathe. And it's easy for the kid to do themself with parental supervisiocustody. 
it makes them more independent it fits in their hands perfectly helps them understand what is happening and makes it easier for them. I don't like to see my kids sick but I don't want to get them a lot of unwanted medicine that is full of not-so-great ingredients.
I like to find a natural route that works and keeps the kids feeling better and awake and does not make them drowsy. 

Kids can be kids but not feel like they can't breathe because of a stuffy nose. 
You can find it and more on the Manuka Guard website they have everything you need for kids and adults.

I Was sent the Product for review all opinions are my own.