Sunday, December 26, 2021

Books for Everyone

 So this is for the people that want to find some interesting to read, I have two interesting books one is a coffee manual.

It gives you the history of making an awesome cup of coffee. It tells you about different coffee makers and their purpose from a French press to a pour-over to drip coffee makers.

The other one is called Nourishment a five-year journal where you write down memories of your favorite foods and write down favorite recipes.

It's nice to keep the memories to go back on and look back on.

it's semi-dated it has January 1st to December 31st but you add the date.

These books make great gifts especially for the coffee lover and people who love journaling and food. And it's a five-year journal I cannot wait to see what five years in my life is gonna be to look back on.

You can get these and other titles on Bookshop website and you can find these two books and more. 

I was sent products for review all is my own opinions.