Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the jamberry nail review

i was asked to review a product for nails and i gotta say there so cute i tried them on one hand because i had polish on the other hand so i didnt want the polish to get messed up but i gotta say they came out very nice i recived four stripes that fits eight nails so thats pretty amazing for the amount of stirps i reicived i loved the designed i got i love pink and blue so that was nice i got the colors i love the service i recived was outstanding i couldnt ask for more they were very friendly. the package came very quickly i recived instructions on how to put on the nail art you can check out for more info and products i recived two blue strips and two pink strips i love it id recommend it to my friends and family ive also told them bout it. its and easy way to dress up your nails with out using chemicals and using polish and damaging your nails its quick and easy to apply just cut mesaure remove and stick and heat thats it and it got designed nails with out all the mess any body can do it.