Saturday, October 5, 2019

Percy Jackson Lighting Thief Musical

I was invited to attend a Broadway show,

As someone who never been to a Broadway show before was pleasantly pleased that it was great.

I went to see Percy Jackson The Lighting Thief it was really good.  It even gave me a few laughs. No matter where you sit you can see everything.

 Me and my guest enjoyed the show it was interesting i wasn't expecting some comedy there was some funny moments  it makes a nice show to bring your family to go see before it stops playing it has limited engagement and will be ending soon. it is based on the book, 

So Percy who suffers from dyslexia and ADHD, He is sent to summer camp called half bloods. 

He meets others there.

Percy and hid friend try to prevent a war from the Greek gods and find Zeus missing lighting bolt. 

There's some funny moments which is nice not everything has to be all serious. It is a great show for the whole family to watch. There was something for everyone in the show. 
Percy Jackson is looking for his Father who's a Greek god named Poseidon, he has a mortal mother named Sally. 

 I enjoyed it and also it was my first ever Broadway show, so it was a nice treat.
Everyone should go see it before it's run is over.
You can buy tickets on  Lighting Thief Musical website and go watch the show.

I was invited to watch the Broadway show all opinions 
Are my own.