Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bejeweled review

I got to do a review on a game called Bejeweled we all love the video game right we'll now the makers of the video game came up with a card game you  get cards and boosters and match the cards up its made for ages 8 and up and allows 2 to 4 players to play I really enjoyed it and had fun playing it I loved the video game so this game seemed interested. I had game night and my friends enjoyed it. I'd recommended it to everyone who likes to play the video game.

This was sponsored by Hasbro. All my opinion

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Disney music store

I got to do a review digital contact from the Disney music store well I got to say Its kid friendly has lots to offer lots of teens and younger kids will enjoy it they have different catagorys of music from Disney shows to young singers nothing on the site is not suitable for kids
Everything is for kids and young adults I recommend it to all parents for there kids
In order to get content from the site you need to buy a digital card at any stores they come into different amounts ranging from 15 to 25 dollars.
You can find them here
And you can get the gift card here
This was given to me from the Disney music store and all my opinions.

Kidobi reviews

Kidobi is your child’s personal learning channel. Designed for kids age 2 to 6, Kidobi’s Android app gives your preschooler video playlists tailor-made just for them! With your Kidobi account. It let's your kids watch learning videos.
They learn at there own pace and there's different things for them to watch and learn.
We all want our kids' to learn new things and this app does that for our kids its user friendly and let's your kid learn. While watching videos
Its avalible on android and iOS phones .

This review was provided by kidobi all is my own opinion.