Friday, January 4, 2013

bedhead pj review

I had the chance to do a review on a nice pair of pajamas there very comfy there from a company named bedhead pj. There made from cotton and lycra they where a navy blue color with cream trim. What i like bout this company they have many designs and they have plus sizes besides the regular sizes which is a is a big plus for me because i never could find the size i needed. They have all designs and colors the set i got is very warm and nice its good for that cold weather i love the feeling of it its nice and warm. and its not too heavy it has a light feeling. you can see in the picture the set i choose is a nice color and it fits like a charm. Customer service was great i loved it i recived the item in a timely matter. if i had problems i could email or call them and they would take care of the problem which is outstanding. id defineitly recommend this company to my friends and family i recived great service and iam Very happy with my order and service. you can find them at bedheadpjs Also they where very kind and offered debras world readers a pair of there own follow the link below to enter for your chance to win your very own pair. here disclaimer the opinion is all mine i recived a product for free i wasnt paid

Thursday, January 3, 2013

bedhead pjs


Manufacturing Software review

The manufacturing industry has been hit hard by the struggling economy over the last few years. My company is no exception. When your business is going through a down time, it can be tempting to cut costs as much as possible. Of course, it is important to be careful financially, but some purchases can be a wise investment in your business. One of the best business decisions that I have made recently was purchasing new manufacturing software from TGI. A new software package can be very expensive, so I wanted to be 100 percent sure that I was making the right decision before purchasing. The knowledge and guidance that TGI provided were invaluable. Several members of my team talked to their representatives on a regular basis, and we were all impressed with the service that we received. The staff members at TGI made us feel like our calls were valued, and we never felt rushed or pressured to make a purchasing decision. My team members and I were all in agreement that it was time to purchase manufacturing software from TGI. The installation process was easy, and I am happy to say that we have not regretted our decision. The new software has made a big difference in our business. Although the purchase was a large investment, we actually saved money by buying this software. The software has increased our productivity and lowered our staffing costs. I am grateful for the excellent service that I received from TGI during my recent purchase. you can find them here Manufacturing Software