Monday, November 1, 2021

Apex Protein Snack Sticks

so finding a good snack that you can give yourself or your family can be hard because you want to know what's in the snack.
They're made with game meat. There's 0g - 3g of sugar and 9g - to 11g of protein and 90-105 Calories and there gluten Free.

There individually wrapped so there easy to grab and go.

So they come in a box individually wrap and come in many different flavors the one I tried is the beef KC bbq it has a nice kick and makes a great snack I just grab my drink of choice and one or two of these sticks and I'm good. 
Their good amount especially between meals.

There are different flavors from the original venison and 
And Elk jalapeno 
And bison teriyaki and boar jalapeno and cheese.

They make for a great gift or treat for someone who likes protein snacks.

You can get them on their Apex Protein Snacks website and find other goodies and treats. 

I was sent the product for review all are my own opinions.