Monday, November 5, 2012

unreal in home party

I had the chance to host an in home party testing out unreal candy. If you havent heard of unreal candy then you dont know what your missing its a candy that is made from all the good stuff theres no corn syrup ho junk in it. It was started by a 13 year old boy who had problems with halloween candy. well it was a hit with my guest they loved it they never heard of it so it was a nice thing to introduce to them a healthier candy without all the junk they where please to see a wide varity of candy. They asked where they could get the candy i told them i passed out the imformative paper describing the contents inside of the candy. they where happy we had drinks and candy and other snacks and we compare diffrent kinds of candy it was a lot of fun they enjoyed it. they got to try diffrent candys from the ones sent they loved it now there gonna go to the store and purchase the candies. i love to see there enjoyment in having a good time at the party. disclaimer i was compensated but this is all my own opinion and review