Friday, July 22, 2022

Microsoft Surface laptop go

 So tech is fun and can be frustrating at the same time. So I use the ios and android platforms on my smartphone. And one thing we all want is to streamline performance.

Between devices especially if my main smartphone isn't an Apple device. 

That's why I love the surface line of laptops I don't have that issue. Both devices work great I connect the USB C cable to the laptop and the phone. And I can send photos and videos without a hitch. Thanks to the link to windows feature that allows me to send over the files nothing to download nothing too complicated. 

And works with Android and iOS platforms so if I use the cinematic video on my iPhone I can send the video over. 

I love how light it is to carry and its screen is clear it charges quickly and thanks to the USB C port I can charge the smartphone easily and fast. 

So as you can see the laptop on the bottom is the first generation surface laptop it came out in 2017 during the Microsoft education event in NYC. The laptop runs windows 10 pro. I took it out of Smode because I wanted the full windows experience. The first gen laptop shipped with mode out of the box as a way for students to be protected from viruses and unwanted software. You would
 only be able to download software from the windows AppStore. 

What I loved about the first gen is the material on the keyboard it isn't something you find on laptops it's called 
Alcantara a luxury material sourced from Italy has a velvety feel to it on mine it held up well, especially because it's a light grey color. It has a smooth feel to it. 
And now I am using the surface laptop to go in an ice blue color that matches my mouse. 

This one is a little smaller and lighter but it is running windows 11 home edition and it uses a fingerprint to unlock the laptop so there are some different features from the first gen laptop to this one. Which I love a lot because it has fast charging the charger brick is smaller but charges the laptop quick. And there's a USB C port for using with other devices like my smartphones. 

I love the upgrades and the simplicity that I can use my iPhone device and my galaxy smartphone and don't need to have another laptop for my iPhone. 

You can find the surface laptop go and other laptops from Microsoft website and find accessories to match.