Saturday, March 16, 2019

Burt's Bees

So we all know Burt's Bees from there signature yellow tube of lip balm, well they expanded past that with cosmetics from foundation to blush to lipsticks to liquid lipsticks, to lip scrubs.

I've been using there lip balm since I was younger.

So here is some of there products all setup in my organizer, there you can lip products and face products.
From foundation to lip and cheek product, even a bronzer stick .
To powder foundation and lip balm and of course you cannot forget the lip scrub. 

Here I'm wearing the lip and cheek on my cheeks and lips, what I like about it is when I applied it on my cheek I though I added to much well I was wrong it is easy to blend in the skin. It's in the shade Peach pond it is a duel product lip and cheek blush stick with a hydrate center made with coconut oil.

So it gives you a nice touch of glow with out going over board. 

Also I added to my lips is there liquid lipstick in shade Sandy Seas it comes in different shades and leaves your lips hydrated with a glossy finish. 
It doesn't dry out your lips.

I was sent products for review on the blog. Organizer was purchased by me with my own money. all opinions are my own.