Friday, March 5, 2021

Foodie kid

 So as Parents or anyone with kids at home some times they can be picky eaters and or they don’t like the baby  foods, 

There’s a company that is changing that there Called 

Foodie Kids there packages of cubed veggies so you can make your baby food, but as a child comes to eat solid foods you don’t need to purée it they can eat it the way it is.

They did the job for you by preparing it and all you need to do is heat it steam it for solids and or purée it for baby food.

There are three packages with root veggies and one with lentils and veggie packs and one veggie pack there are lentils sweet potatoes zucchini and peas and all delicious veggies even though it’s for children since it is only veggies adults can eat it too. 

As you can see they come in one big package that is then broken into four smaller packs so it is portioned for you.

So there's a better option to give your children when it comes to baby food because as you can see it's regular veggies that you can make into a puree and your own can't food and you know what's inside the foods.
You can get some on Foodie Kid website and shop for them and learn about their story and how the company was started..

As they get older you can serve it as is after you prepare it so it's helpful to have the veggies already cut for you so you only need to cook it.

All my opinions are my own I was sent the product for review. 

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