Monday, September 25, 2017

Buxton review

So we woman all love handbags and wallets and leather goods. Well I have a brand that has been around for a very
Long time.

The company is called Buxton there know for there affordable goods, and also there leather goods they have products for woman and men.
From wallets to handbags to small leather goods.
So I got to check out items from the woman's line and the men's line.

So for the men's line I got to try out the Buxton DOPP it is a leather toiletry case it comes in many colors like black and brown, what makes this case so cool is it folds down once you zipper it to close, if there is little items inside but if you need more room it you just pull it up.
It's easy to clean and it's really light weight to carry around.

The color I'm checking out is black.
My boyfriend really loves the case. now he has a case that's all his and doesn't look all girly as he puts it..
So now woman aren't the only people that have cases for there beauty products men can have it also.
As you can see there's alot of room inside and it has a solid bottom to keep things from falling.
You can check it out on the Buxton website Buxton DOPP Veneto men's travel case

Also I got to check out the woman's tech wallet it is your wallet organizer, it has many pockets for all your items like cash IDs credit cards and more. But what's so cool about it is that it has a portable charger pack for your phone, now a days everyone has smartphone or regular cellphone. So we all know that it doesn't last all day but now with the wallet you can have a charged phone thanks to the portable charger that is included with the wallet that is why it is called a tech wallet. thank
It comes in different colors like red,black brown.
You can find this item on the Buxton website Buxton Julia tech wallet

It is very affordable so you can look stylish and not break the bank on woman's accessories.
I was sent products for my honest opinion
All is my own 100% and differs from others.

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