Sunday, September 17, 2017

August Yogi surprised box

So this is for anyone loving subscription boxes, I have one that is for people who love all natural products and that are into yoga lifestyle.

It's called Yogi surprise,what is so cool is it comes in a lifestyle box which is 44.95, and a jewelry box which goes for 24.99.
So the jewelry box comes with two yoga inspired jewelry pieces and a fair trade snack....
Then there's the lifestyle box which comes with 6-8 full size products.
This month..

So the first item is from  Trailer Boutique Peaceful Warrior Pouch it is a very nice Pouch and they help small and medium business build there company. It's nice that they help other business out..

The next item is Headband For Hope 
They have headbands of different colors and styles, so for every Headband sold one is donated to a child with cancer... Love that because a child should feel special no matter if there sick or not..

The next item is from Andalou Naturals a Path of Light
Hand Cream.
It is very moisturizing on the hands, and has a light Clementine scent.
My hands dries out alot so this helps my hands not to crack and cause me to get an infection...
Love that it is all natural and I'm not using harsh ingredients on my hands..
The scent is amazing it is not strong at all.

The next item is a bamboo tooth brush by the brand
Woo Bamboo it is made out of bamboo and has a wavy handle. I love that it is natural and it won't get germs on the handle easy because the handle has a light wax on it to help keep germs off of the handle.

The next item is called This Bar Saves Lives well one because it is non GMO and it's fair trade and kosher, so anyone can enjoy it.
The second thing is for every bar sold food gets donated to children in need... I love it because no one should go hungry.
So the bar is made from almonds and cherries and drizzled with chocolate.. yummy.

The next item is called Justea African chai 
It is just tea, it is really good there is 15 pyramid shaped tea bags.
So you can make the tea and then drink it. It is fair trade and non GMO and kosher also.
So I love the taste and when it is cold it is good to drink..
I love it.
You can sign up at Yogi Surprise
I recommend everyone to sign up it is a great deal..

I was sent a box for my honest opinion all is 
My own.. and may differ from anyone else..

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