Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Rhinoshield Grip Max and Case

 So I love technology, especially trying new gadgets and accessories so I have the Samsung S22 ultra.

It's a 6.7-inch phone well I love to stream video content so I need to prop up my phone so I don't have to hold it. Well, Rhinoshield has got you covered with their accessories,  like their cases and their Grip Max accessories which you stick on the back of your case and allow you to hold it securely when taking selfies and also double as a phone stand so you can prop it up and watch content easier and your not getting tired holding it in your hand.

These are two sizes one is a smaller one for smaller-sized phones and a grip max for larger phones which is a bigger size for bigger-sized phones.

What makes them unique is you can customize them to your liking like different collaborations and or adding text to them I have a peanuts one which is the famous Snoopy ready for bed. 

There's endless opportunity to make it to your liking and even if their cases are custom you can add any design to the back of your case. 

As you can see the design on this case and Grip Max I have a floral one and a peanuts one.

I have a solid black case with a custom grip max so I can change up my style. The case does protect the phone well because I've dropped my phone a couple of times in my house and the phone is fine. 

Love the many ways to my my phone and accessories my own and don't need to look like everyone else. You can get these and others where you can customize them to your liking on there Website Rhinoshield you can find everything you need to make your phone stand out.

I was sent product for review all is my own opinions.

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