Monday, July 16, 2018

AirSelfie2 Camera

Well we know there are flying drones with cameras and everyone wants to take an awesome picture or video in the air.

Well there's a product that does just that and it's not to big and can fit in your pocket. It's called AirSelfie2 they came out with the original, and now they updated the specs.

Like the photo resolution is 12mp and it includes a 16GB memory card.

I got to check it out at CE WEEK NYC I loved it.

I loved how compact it is. So it's now on sale at AirSelfie2 Camera website and also at B&H website also Adorama website and also on Amazon and also Best buy which will be available on July 17th 2018.

It has 50% longer battery life who doesn't love longer time to take video and if your looking for a awesome shots and video from the air then go check out the AirSelfie2  Camera.

This is my own opinion and all is 100% true.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Chewy Influencer June 2018

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review.

So I know dogs can have accidents, there out pets so we try to find a product that can help them not have alot of accidents.

It's called Four Paws Wee-Wee pads.

So it is made with 5 ply leak proof, it holds the urine it doesn't make a mess.
It is easy to dispose of. It's tear resistance so it won't make a mess.
It's good for training your puppy but you can use these pads for any size breed.
It's good for when your out and your dog or puppy can't go outside, so you put this out so they know they can go to the bathroom on the pad.

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Chewy Influencer June 2018

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review.

So I love to find a treat to feed my dog, I don't just give him any ole treat.
So I found one from Cesar Softies Filet Mignon Dog Treats, there soft treats that look like little paws.
There's different flavors this one is the fillet Mignon flavor.

So there good for house training or if they be good, or if your teaching them.

There's only seven calories per treat, also it's packaged in a convenient resealable pouch to make sure the treats stay fresh.

So I love the treat and there's 75 treats in the bag so it's nice you have plenty. You can find this and other pet products at Chewy they have everything from pet food pet toys pet treats and they have it for many different kinds of animals big or small.

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

CE Week NYC 2018

So I attended CE Week NYC 2018 I saw alot of cool products.
From headphones to flying selfie camera to even mini projectors.

I love electronics technology is awesome it has come along way from when I was a child.

The air selfie comes back for round two it has upgraded the camera to 12mp higher then the first air selfie.
What makes this an awesome device is you don't need a big drone to get that awesome footage from in the air.
It is pocket sized, making it easy to carry around in your pocket or purse.
 It comes in different colors. And you can charge it on charging pad to make it easy.

You can find Air selfie camera  on there website and see why there awesome, also they won best in show at CE week NYC.

Another awesome product is from  Bzt trackable t-shirts there t-shirts that your child wears if they wanders off you can track it by the Blue tooth enabled patch.
There's many designs and color t-shirts.

They have many different color t-shirts and different style patches your kids will think there shirt is cool but you will know know where there at.

Safety comes first when you have small children.

  Another cool product comes from Polaroid it's called mint it's s mini printer you can take pictures from your cellphone you connect your phone to the printer and have your pictures.
They come in red yellow blue white and black.
There also coming out with one that also let's you take pictures from the device and print it.

What makes this an awesome device you don't need ink or cartridges, you just need to buy the photo paper and that's all.
These products make a great gift for anyone in your life.

We all have cellphones and other electronics that need to be charged well the company My charge showcased there new devices and since June is pride month they came out with a limited edition pride heart power bank charger.

They have different chargers for everyone one for iPhone users and Android users as well.

I attended CE week NYC all opinions are my own.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

2018 Libera Award Show

I was invited to attend the 7th annual Libera Award Show that took place at the PlayStation theater. It was a fun time, i love all kinds of music. It's nice when you can see an award show in person.

Everyone from all different kinds of music category was in attendance.

I loved the performances and the tributes to artists that live on through there music.
Like Sharon Jones and dap-kings.
Awesome time.

Lee fields and Saundra Williams sang tributes to Sharon Jone's and Charles Bradley.

The host of the evening made everyone laugh and have a good time.

The was Kate Wolff she made sure everyone had a good time.
All the performances was great.
They had something for everyone,
There were many winners like Brett gurewitz won the lifetime achievement award.

I love punk rock music and the rock music alot. I've listened bands he has been in and or worked with like NOFX rancid and the offspring.

Other winners were nick cave won for best live act.
Best Latin album went to Chicano Batman.
Best hip-hop album went to Shabazz Palaces.

Best R&B album went to Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings.

Break through artist went to Princess Nokia.

Loved it and the funky four + one ended the show with a bang. The original members, they are before my time but it's nice to hear music from my mothers time.

You can read about it Libera Awards.

 I was invited to attend
       all my opinions are my own.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Haggar Clothing For Dads

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So Father’s Day is coming up this month, and we are all trying to find something for the men in your life.

Well I got to give a gift of men’s dress pants to the men in my life, there from the company.   called 
Haggar they have awesome clothing for men at decent prices. Right now there having a sale. They have all sizes and colors.
The first pair is called 
cool 18 pro dress pants they fit him good there there not short and there comfortable.

They look nice on him and there not tight and there’s room.

The other pair is called 
Premium comfort dress pants there a medium grey color and there comfortable on him, he doesn’t like the pants to be to tight so this is the right fit for him.

Grey goes with everything so this makes a great gift for the men in your life for Father’s Day. So if there’s a special occasion they have dress pants to wear.
Haggars makes great quality of dress pants for men. And they have a lot of different sizes and colors.
So if you still need to find a gift why don’t you check out haggers for your gifts for Father’s Day.

I was sent product for review all opinions expressed are my own. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Chewy Influencer May 2018

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review.

I love to read books and I love pets I love dogs and cats, so to find books about pet stories is great.
So the chicken for the soul has come out with another cat book, it’s called Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Cat.

It has some heart warming stories about pet cats.
It’s nice you can read the book anyway you want you don’t Need to start from the beginning.
I love the stories it’s fun to read and see how cats come alive in there own way.

What’s cool is royalties from the sale of the book goes to American humane Association

Which is good I don’t like to see pets suffering. You can purchase this book at 
Chewy  website where you can help with a great cause. And they have all your pet products.

I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy in an exchange for my honest review.