Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Groupon review

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Well  here's more about the website Groupon where you can save on deals for your everyday product. Like toys handbags clothes and more. 
I know when I'm planning a trip I go to Groupons for some savings since my trip can get expensive already. Here's a deal for luggage a savings of 81% off you can check 
The luggage out. 
Here's where you can search for 
Groupon Goods .
There's lots of deals you can find on Groupon.
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Here's where you can out more about Groupon 
So I love Groupon they have so many stores and deals on there website.
I love saving money it helps me to get more deals or products with my money. Groupon has saved me a lot of money. I'm on a tight budget so if I can find a site that lets me find us as a family to save then Groupon is it.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Groupons coupons save money

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I love to shop and I know everyone does and I know everyone wants to save money while shopping well I got a way to save money it's called Groupon Coupon they have deals for lots of stuff you can find on the web they have everything from clothing to shoes to jewelry and more I found one for Kohls back to school for Kohls for back to school 10 dollars off of a purchase of 40 dollars. So there's many stores to choose from me I love to save money. To have more money in my pocket makes me feel good. You can find them 
Kohls savings

Groupon coupons
They have a lot of ways to save money by printing the coupon online and bringing it to the store or showing your phone. Or you can shop online. That's what I love the many ways to shop and save money here's there social media where you can find out more about them 
I love using groupon coupons and saving money and I have been using groupons for lots of deals. To plays,  shopping , and more. 
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This is a sponsored post and all opinions are mine.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fresh wave review

So I attended an event in July called blogger bash NYC it was so much fun. Well they had many brands there and they had baby palooza there to. So I went to baby palooza there was a brand called fresh wave they have all natural products they have gels sprays and packs you can stick anywhere. What there products do if you have baby's or a smoker 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Bloggerbash 2016

Well the day has come and gone but I had a really great time attending an event for bloggers called blogger bash. It was a fun event, it was my first time going to a blogging conference but I enjoyed it and I will attend again.
This year it was on a boat which was a nice feature of the event.
There was many bloggers vloggers and brands at the event.
There was lots to do at the event. Like the carebears breakfast peanuts lunch mim mim breakfast and sweet suite oh my lots to see I definitely recommended any blogger to go to this event they will learn so much.

I also want to thank seaband for there wristband for motion sickness.
Check out all the information to Bloggerbash

Friday, June 17, 2016

Tessemae salad dressing review

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Have you ever looked for a healthy dressing for your foods and salads?
Well, look no further, I found it!

It's called Tessemae's and it's a whole line of dressings and marinades.
I was sent a variety sample of four flavors: green goddess, lemon garlic, balsamic and honey balsamic.
My favorite was the honey balsamic dressing. It was good on my salad. I also used it for my chicken and it was very tasty and good as well. I loved how my food came alive. I know the brand came from Maryland and how the owners wanted some healthy options for their food so they made Tessemae.
I love the other flavors, but the honey balsamic is my favorite.
This is a brand I can trust because they don't add any other ingredients that don't belong.
I'm a diabetic, so I need healthy options.
I recommend this brand to all my friends and family.
So as you can see in the picture, my fave flavor is gone. I loved its taste so much, I used it up first. You can find them at these stores: Wholefoods & Target
Here's the Tessemae website: Tessemae.com

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Bloggin' Mamas and Tessemae's. All opinions expressed are my own.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Nuni tortilla toaster

so this is for all the people that like to have tortillas at home like myself.
I was at an event for housewares and came across this brand.
They have a toaster for tortillas so now instead of heating one at time this does 6 at a time.
There launching soon.
The official Nuni Toaster Indiegogo launch is next Thursday from Chicago.  If you're going to CE Week in NYC on June 21st-23rd, stop by the startup pavilion to see how our campaign is doing.  We hope you are as excited as we are about introducing this game changer!     
There also gonna be at ce week in nyc 2016 this is a nice adventure for them.

as you can see in the pictures this what it looks like.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

B.good resturant event

This is for all the people that love fast food and all people that love eatting healthy.
The resturant is called b.good,
They were founded in 2004 in boston Massachusetts.
They where all about where the food comes from like farms and other things
They have many variety of foods like better versions of soda and cold pressed juice made from veggies and fruits. You
Can actually read whats going into the juice.
I love the many flavors they have my favorite is the passion fruit acai.
They have all there veggies in a freezer you can see whats going inside of your foods. Which is a nice thing.
They partner with local farms and help the community also.
They have many things to be happy about. They opened a resturant on brooklyn. It has been open for about a month and its really doing good its very busy there.
I like the fact its healthy food being made frm there sweet potatoes, to there burgers and there drinks.

There you can see the diffrent burgers they make like the one with the tooth pick was the veggie burger
The one without the tooth pick is there seadonal burger called elizel its only for a limited time. The food is excellent. Id recommended it to everyone.
You can find them B.good
This is sponsored by b.good and all is my own opinion.