Monday, November 7, 2016

Petmate cat toy review

So I attended an event for bloggers and other media covering pets, called Petrend Events.
They had many pet and pet-relaled brands; some new and other familiar brands that people come to love.

Well, this one company, Petmatehad an array of products for cats or dogs and from toys and beds to feeding products.
They make having a pet easier with their products.  One product that was there that caught my eye was the Jackson Galaxy Laser Air Prey Wand for cats.  It was a wand with a feather attachment as well as a laser light so that your cat can have the ultimate play session. It is also a good way for an indoor cat to get some exercise, while hanging out in the house.

It is awesome toy (not expensive at all).  Best part is that you can buy it directly from the brand’s website- Petmate or you can  
get it from Petsmart and any store that sells pet toys. 
As you can see in the video, my cat is playing with the toy and loves it.
I recommend this to all cat lovers out there looking for a holiday gift for their pet.
This review is my own opinion 
The item was sent to me for my honest review.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sharon youngs a la carte

Well for every woman we all love clothes and shopping. So you can find the line in lots of retailers in the us.
They take pride in there clothes so no items are damaged or missing anything.
They also have a hard working customer service they always like to make the customers happy and feel good.
The customers are there number one priority.
If something is not right then they make sure they solve the problems the customers have. Here are two pictures from there new collection and as you can see you can wear each piece of clothing many ways.
This outfit is a nice piece to me I'd wear it one is I love the color and second it looks comfortable and that's what I'm looking for when buying new clothes.
Here's another picture of the same person using the sweater shawl in a different way.
I love the detail on the outfit it's very colorful and it looks comfortable and easy to pull off.
I'd buy these clothes if they have my size.
You can find the clothes here 
Sharon young
All my opinions are my own.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Baby mantra baby product review

This is for all the parents looking for an all natural skin care line for the kids.
So I Came across this product line and before I found this brand I was looking for  a line of products that deal with sensitive skin. My child has eczema on his legs and arms.
And I gotta say I love the brand it's not harsh on his skin.
He loves taking bubble baths so to finally have a product that's safe for him. It smells so good and it's calming, plus it can be used multiple ways you can use it as a shampoo and bubble bath and a wash.
So that's a lot of ways to use just one product.
So there's two kits 
Kit number one for toddlers are 
1. 3 in 1 bubble bath shampoo and wash
2. Calming body lotion 
3. Detangler and conditioner in one 

Kit number two for newborns is 
1. Diaper rash cream 
2. Shampoo 
3. Calming massage oils 

I got to try out all these products to see how well it worked on my child's skin.
And I gotta say it works.
Here's where you can look for each kit,
baby mantra

Since I was introduced to this brand I love it,
It works well and there's no harsh chemicals in any of the products so it's a wonderful thing that there's finally a product that's all natural here's what baby mantra says about there products.

Baby Mantra is a premier skin and hair care brand, specializing in all-natural, organic products for moms, babies, and sensitive adults. Moreover, all Baby Mantra products are made in the U.S., are NPA and PETA Certified, as well as EWG Verified. These products are held to the strictest standards of efficacy and health,

There packaging is awesome it tells you what is in the products.
The products where sent to me for my honest review.
My opinion is all my own.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Papyrus travel set review

This is for all you travelers looking for gifts or even a product to add to your travel collection.
The set I got to check out is a passport and luggage tag set. In a garden theme it's a cute set to get because you don't have to buy the luggage tag and passport separate.
It had a nice feminine touch to the set making your luggage stand out.
It's packaged nicely so you can gift it to someone. I know someone that's gonna travel soon so I will give them this lovely gift. 
One of the items is a luggage tag so you can add your information inside so your luggage won't get loss so what's cool is it's water and stain proof all you need is a damp cloth and just wipe. Protecting those valuable documents. The next item is a passport holder you can have money your passport and some credit cards and I'd all tucked away in the holder.
Like i said it's water proof you don't want it to get damage you have valuables inside.
Here's where you can find the travel set 
papyrus travel set
You can shop at there website 
papyrus store
It's a cute set I recommend this to all the woman in your life that like to travel they should definitely go get this set.
 All is my own opinion 
I was given a product for my honest review.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Groupon review

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. #ad #sponsored

Well  here's more about the website Groupon where you can save on deals for your everyday product. Like toys handbags clothes and more. 
I know when I'm planning a trip I go to Groupons for some savings since my trip can get expensive already. Here's a deal for luggage a savings of 81% off you can check 
The luggage out. 
Here's where you can search for 
Groupon Goods .
There's lots of deals you can find on Groupon.
#Groupon #ad
Here's where you can out more about Groupon 
So I love Groupon they have so many stores and deals on there website.
I love saving money it helps me to get more deals or products with my money. Groupon has saved me a lot of money. I'm on a tight budget so if I can find a site that lets me find us as a family to save then Groupon is it.
This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. #sponsored #ad

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Groupons coupons save money

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I love to shop and I know everyone does and I know everyone wants to save money while shopping well I got a way to save money it's called Groupon Coupon they have deals for lots of stuff you can find on the web they have everything from clothing to shoes to jewelry and more I found one for Kohls back to school for Kohls for back to school 10 dollars off of a purchase of 40 dollars. So there's many stores to choose from me I love to save money. To have more money in my pocket makes me feel good. You can find them 
Kohls savings

Groupon coupons
They have a lot of ways to save money by printing the coupon online and bringing it to the store or showing your phone. Or you can shop online. That's what I love the many ways to shop and save money here's there social media where you can find out more about them 
I love using groupon coupons and saving money and I have been using groupons for lots of deals. To plays,  shopping , and more. 
 #GrouponCoupons #ad

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are mine.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fresh wave review

So I attended an event in July called blogger bash NYC it was so much fun. Well they had many brands there and they had baby palooza there to. So I went to baby palooza there was a brand called fresh wave they have all natural products they have gels sprays and packs you can stick anywhere. What there products do if you have baby's or a smoker