Sunday, October 28, 2012

diamond candle review

I had the chance to do a review on a candle from a wonderful candle company they been around for little while they only sell there candles online. there called diamond candle and its a great company to get wonderful candles from, they have a wide selections. They even make candles for the holidays the candle i received was a candle representing halloween its called enchanted forest. it smells so good its a nice purplish color and smells wonderful. its a great addition to the holidays, there all natural candles made from soy wax. its nice to have an all natural candle because its not affecting the earth. and it does a good job with being earth friendly. And soy last double the amount of time to burn so your candle will last a long time. and whats neat about the candle each and everyone comes with a surprised piece of jewelry inside the candle. which is a nice surprise for woman and girls who doesn't like jewelry. 56ty As you can see in the picture thats what the candle looks like in person it was a wonderful scent for the holidays. there a great company that likes to make sure the customers are happy with there order. if they made a mistake they correct it so the customer will come back. there an online store only so you need to buy your candles online they offer discounts at times. and they have samplers to buy you get diffrent kinds of candles they have a wide selection to choose from. you can find them at and there giving away a candle to one lucky reader so go enter down below a Rafflecopter giveaway disclaimer i this is in my own opinion i was not conpensated in anyway for my review

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