Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Starlooks july 2015 customized box

PSo I got to do a review on a new box from starlooks its new because they revamped there services they have two new boxes one is there legacy box and the other is there customized box which I'm reviewing now so the box I'm reviewing is 12 dollars a month which is not bad in price. for deluxe size makeup you get three items inside the nice looking box the packaging is really nice looking also you get to pick three makeup items out of a selection and you get to pick three different gift cards for the lifestyle part so the items I got in my box are rose gold blush I love how easy it goes on i love it I like the look of it.
The second item I received is a black eyeliner I love the color black for eyeliner it works good if you have light eyes it makes it pop love it second I like the way it smooths out on the lid I love it it doesn't smudge on the eyes looking like raccoon eyes. The last item I received was a lip gloss I love the color and name of it and it works like a charm it goes on smoothly its not sticky and it works I love it I recommend everyone to join starlooks for new makeup and gift cards for fun items

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 This was sponsored by starlooks for review all my opinions are my own.

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  1. starlooks have good and quality products but that are limited to choose a wide range from their store also they are charging a monthly subscription for their services.custom boxes might be gave a you a discount price than the market.
    your blog layout is looking great!