Monday, January 1, 2018

Graeter’s Ice cream

So me I love ice cream I live in New York and we have four different seasons  winter spring summer and fall.
Well usually people eat ice cream in the summer, but me I can eat it anytime.

There’s a company that makes the finest ice cream they are called Graeter’s they only use the finest ingredients to make the ice cream.
They use the best cream and milk, from an Ohio farm that pledges to not add artificial growth hormones; 100% cane sugar; egg custard; gourmet chocolate for our signature chocolate chips. So all there ingredients are all natural and no added junk.

I love the fact that they can make a great ice cream without all the in healthy ingredients.

Then the ice cream is packed in to pints and sent to stores there are many flavors from vanilla to chocolate to many other flavors.

You can find out where to buy the ice cream on Graeters Website and then enter your address and you will see the stores that carry the ice cream. I love the fact that it is made with natural ingredients and and they have many flavors and two flavors that are available for people that are watching there sugar intake. 

And they have a lemon sorbet version also..

I was sent vouchers to get product for my honest opinion
All is my own opinion..

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