Tuesday, May 1, 2018

NY NOW 2018

So I was invited to attend to attend the NY NOW Winter 2018 edition. This February 3rd 2018.  I got to check out some cool brands and products, I checked out a booth that has natural ingredients and you can actually read the ingredients that the products are made from.

I love to find out new products and ones that are made with natural ingredients. They have lip balms and lotions and sun care products and even products for the men in your life.

You can find more information at 
Rinse Soap website and you can find more items also.

Also I I got to check out a product that is made with natural woods and plays music, I love the radio and to have something that has a retro look is awesome and the way it’s built is awesome to. 

I was invited to a product launch for the Muzen radio, it sounds amazing and I can get a feel to have a product that was handmade, there in partnership with a radio Station called 
Radio Caroline it is one of UK top  pirate radio station.

You can find more information on 
Muzen Radio to find out more about the product.

I loved everything I saw.
it’s so much to see  it is an awesome event and can’t wait for the summer one.

I was invited to attend all opinions are my 

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