Thursday, August 23, 2018

Wild Planet Foods

So I love tuna fish sandwiches as I know alot of people do, well not all tuna is made the same.

I love the tuna from the company called Wild Planet Foods. What's so good about the tuna is it's not drenched in oil in a can.

I had some fun making other tuna dishes besides just the good ole tuna sandwiches.

So this is a selection of some of the products they have i also love the fact they have no salt added additions to the regular ones.
I made some for lunch and dinner like my peas with the skip Jack tuna in a pouch with egg noodles. What I like about the pouch is it's portable and there's just the right amount of water. So when you open it your not making a mess and the tuna sitting in liquids all day.

This is the finished dish simple ingredients and simple to make.  Another dish I made was curry tuna salad on romaine lettuce. Easy for lunch . And taste great. I can taste the tuna and not all the extra stuff.
I love when I know what's in my food.

I love that I know I'm giving my family a great product, and skip Jack tuna has the least amount of Mercury so it's a plus. I know I like to feed my family only the best. And not with added ingredients that don't belong.

You can find more products and information on Wild Planet Foods website they have all kinds of tuna and anchovies.

I was sent product for my honest opinion all is my own.

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