Friday, November 16, 2018

Ellie Claire Art Journals

So I love to write and do some art doodles, so I like to have books for my writings. Well there's some art journals by Ellie Claire that can help with that, what I like about the journals is that that it's more then just writing its about bringing your writings to life by adding drawings to your writings.
You can get it on Barnes & Noble website and find other ideas to add to your journal.

this journal I love alot because it's compact but it shows you alot like how
to do lettering and that is awesome since I'm always trying to do some
art lettering to bring out my writings. I love when my journals come to life then
just seeing words only. it has an folder to keep your keepsakes in and band to hold
the book close. it makes a nice gift for the anyone who likes to write.

as you can see each journals have something unique there is something for everyone,
you can color the pages and write your thoughts all at once.
I like my journals to come to life and look pretty. there my thoughts and I like to express it my way.
You can get it on Amazon and other craft items.

this one you can write words and phrases which there's enough space to practice and get them the way you want. And the paper felt good it wasn't too thick but just write you can get it at  Barnes & Nobles website for your journals and other goodies to make your journal your own.

I was sent products for review all is my own honest opinions.

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